Alex Steinherr X Primark Skincare favourites

As I continue to look at budget solutions for skincare concerns I felt I cannot leave out Alex Steinherr’s range for Primark. I have to say, I needed time to get my hands on these beauties last year because they were continuously sold out. Since all stores have re-stocked the range just recently with a few new products I thought I take this opportune moment to quickly review a few pieces I got. Choosing only a few products proved to be more difficult than I thought since nothing cost more than £5.00 and there’s a lot of useful formulations for different concerns within the range. I finally settled with the Sleeping Spa Sleeping Face Mask, the Sleep Spa Every Night Eye Mask and the Sleep Spa Overnight Lip Mask.


Alex Steinherr, former Glamour beauty editor, major social media beauty influencer using all her expertise and experience she garnered in the past twenty odd years in the beauty industry has created a 20-piece collection for the store giant Primark that target skin concerns rather than skin types. That in itself shows her approach to skincare comes from all those years spent in the business surrounded by the best of the best that gave her a great overview of what’s needed when designing a whole range of skincare for the general public. Since Alex is mostly known for working with luxury brands like Estee Lauder and Creme de la Mer this collaboration came as a bit of a surprise but being the less obvious choice and coming out with a super-affordable, effective beauty range made her even more popular among beauty lovers.

Here is what she shared on her IG account at the time of the launch: “I have dedicated my career to sharing the best quality skincare I could find. I’m extremely passionate that everyone deserves beautiful skin, which is why I’ve often been disheartened by some of the cheaper alternatives on the market. Due to the overwhelming support (and requests!) from you guys, I’m incredibly proud to finally share with you a project I’ve been working on over the last two years with Primark, creating an approachable, results-driven skincare range, ensuring everyone can afford their most beautiful skin Alex Steinherr X Primark is a 20 piece skincare collection that delivers performance at a price point accessible to all. “..”what I set out to create is a skincare line that focuses on real skin needs: safe formulas, a blend of innovative &proven ingredients and fresh textures for visible results.”

Alex’s range is divided into five clever categories:  Sleep Spa, Pore Balance, Pump & Glow, Maximum Moisture and Pollution Solution. She has used high-quality, well-edited effective ingredients (with all the ‘cool kids’ like Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, AHA’s, BHA’s, peptides, Niacinamide) and formulations you can find in modern luxury products. As I said, there is plenty of great things in this range but here’s what I thought of the three I picked up:

Sleep Spa Sleeping Face Mask

This is a soothing, replenishing night treatment containing Willowherb and Chamomile. It is combatting dehydration, fatigue and leaves the skin soft, well-nourished. You just simply apply a generous amount after cleansing and toning, leave it on overnight. The texture is serum-like, light so don’t worry about your sheets turning into a sticky mess and it leaves the skin freshly hydrated, well-nourished.

I really like using this mask on days when I’m taking a break from strong actives. It is so easy and light for occasions when you aren’t planning an elaborate beauty routine. I think it’s probably better suited for slightly younger, less complicated skin types but despite my changeable early-forties skin, I enjoy using it. You get 50 ml for £5.00 which is an absolute bargain so probably this wasn’t the last time it landed in my shopping basket.

Sleep Spa Every Night Eye Mask

I love a light formulation when it comes to eye creams and this is the area, I must confess, where I am not too keen on parting from a lot of cash, so this little wonder is a welcome addition in my daily routine. It is it’s infused with Hyaluronic Acid (humectant), Willowherb Extract (antioxidant, helps to slow ageing of skin cells), Chamomile (soothing) and Skilk Tree Extract (anti-inflammatory, prevents collagen damage, evens out skin tone).

This soft, gel-like formula glides on the skin easily and it feels nourishing, yet light (so much so that sometimes I use it in my morning routine as well). You get 15 ml for £4.00 so it is hard not to make this a staple in my beauty stash.

Sleep Spa Overnight Lip Mask

I have a tricky taste when it comes to lip products so I am very picky with what I can or cannot wear but this lip mask has got my attention. This formula also contains the HA, Willowherb Extract and Chamomile blend that nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving it plumped and healthy. It is slightly thicker than your usual lip balm but feels cushiony soft on the lips and somehow manages not to be sticky at all.

I know this product was designed to be worn at night but I like the formula so much, I sometimes quickly sweep a generous amount on in the morning and that will keep me hydrated during the day without going gunky or leaving a white mark on my lips. It almost looks like a lip tint/gloss so it easily blends with your daytime look. You get 15ml for £4.00 – will I buy it again, you ask? Absolutely!

The whole Alex Steinherr X Primark range is fragrance-free, cruelty-free and vegan, doesn’t contain phthalates, parabens, alcohol essential oils or sulphates, it is available in selected stores only.

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