LUSH Christmas 2018 favorites

Continuing my annual tradition, I will end yet another year of blogging with a Lush Christmas post. This time of the year is almost inseparable for me without their selection of limited edition bath bombs, soaps and jellies. There’s nothing I like more at Christmas and New Year than switch off, relax and taking long baths almost every day is a huge part of it. While I’m normally not shopping in Lush, I really enjoy having a good look around there at this time of the year and treat myself with a few things, in the name of self-care.


I wanted to keep it pretty much mess-free this year, turns out, I failed: there was a decent dose of glitter in one of the bath bombs that I didn’t expect but hey-ho, what’s Christmas without a bit of sparkle.

Here are this year’s picks:

Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb

(Limited edition, vegan)

One of its main ingredients is Sicilian Lemon Oil which is an uplifting, cleansing oil with antibacterial properties. It also brightens the skin since it contains alpha-hydroxy-acids, which are enzymes that lift away dead skin from the surface of the skin. The oil is sourced from Reggio di Calabria in southern Italy from a family who have been producing citrus oils for three generations. The fruits are grown without pesticides, hand picked during winter and then the peel is cold-pressed to extract the oil.

The other main ingredient in this bath bomb is Buchu Oil where the formulation gets its blackcurrant-minty scent and is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The shape, pattern and the colour of the bar is fun, smells quite punchy and you get a lovely surprise of blue colour bubbling up in the bath as it dissolves. It paints the water shimmer purple but a quick shower after your bath will get rid of it all if you don’t wish to sparkle brighter than your Christmas tree.

This is definitely worth buying for the visual display alone.

Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar

(Limited edition, vegan)

Only looking at this lovely thing lifts my mood straight away. You would expect a sweet, candy-like scent from it but surprisingly it uses Bergamot and Sicilian lemon Oils as their main ingredients so it feels very uplifting by creating a blend of fruity fresh fragrance. Bergamot oil (that Lush is sourcing from the same place as their Lemon oil) is not called ‘sunshine in a bottle’ for nothing, it is often used treating mild forms of anxiety too.

This bubble bar refreshes the skin, the fragrance is uplifting and helps to achieve a sense of wellbeing for the body and mind.

You only have to hold it under the running water and it creates plenty of soft bubbles. Candy Cane smells fresh and fruity, it paints the water orange and it lasts for about at least 2-3 baths.

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb

(Limited edition, vegan)

The Snow Fairy range has never been my first choice from Lush just because I thought it was too sweet for my taste but I know it’s a real crowd pleaser so I felt it was high time to try it. This jelly bomb looked so pretty and photogenic anyway, I had to get it.

As you palce it in the bath it’s starting to fizzle slowly than speeds up but it lasts for quite a while. I expected a sweeter scent, but luckily, it’s not overwhelming and the fragrance lasts well on the skin too. It forms quite a thick jelly-like film on the surface of the water which I’m not sure how I feel about but other than that I was quite pleased with this too.

Which one is your favourite?

After celebrating another year of blogging and Christmas I will take a short two week break from here, just so I can dedicate more time for studying, but I will be back next year starting with my usual award season best of beauty posts. Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year, Everyone!


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