Urban Decay All Day, All Night, Rebound Duo (REVIEW)

Now that we are right in the middle of the Christmas party season I really wanted to write about some makeup essentials that are not just practical but high quality and vegan.

I have used Urban Decay setting sprays in one form or another for years and I’ve always loved them. They have been created in partnership with Skindinavia (an award-winning brand making setting and priming sprays) so quality is guaranteed. However, I have never tried their priming sprays so when I saw the handbag sized All Nighter Setting Spray paired with the new Rebound Prime Spray, I was excited to get my hands on the duo in the hope that I have discovered one of the best party essentials for makeup lovers, but before I get ahead of myself, let’s look at the brilliant All Nighter.

All Nigher Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Packaging: lightweight spray bottle

What it is: a vegan, cruelty-free makeup setting spray free of oils and parabens.

Who it is for: all skin types.

How to use it: shake the bottle well, close your eyes, spray two to four times from 8″ – 10″ away. You can also use this to increase the longevity of your eyeshadow by spraying your brush with the formula first.

How it worked for me: this is a calibrated, microfine mist, it goes on lightly without a sticky finish so it is very comfortable to wear. You just have to make sure you shake up the bottle well before spraying so the mist will come out evenly.

According to the website it ‘ keeps makeup looking gorgeous for up to 16 hours — without melting, fading or settling into fine lines’. I am always a little sceptical when beauty brands claim such things and I haven’t found this to be true. While the All Nighter is a great setting spray and it DOES really help in keeping the makeup on longer, no primer or setting spray has kept my makeup on spotless for 16 hours in my life and I don’t even have oily skin. I always have to touch up my makeup during the day even if I use a setting spray. All in all, the All Nighter is a great setting spray and keeps the makeup on quite long but realistically, I think the 16-hour claim is a bit of a reach.
Rebound Collagen-Infused Complexion Prime Spray

Packaging: a lightweight spray bottle.

What it is: firming, smoothing radiance boosting primer infused with botanical extracts from Chia seeds (source of Vitamin E, antioxidant), Centella (an ancient healing plant), and Chameleon plant (anti-oxidant, has anti-inflammatory qualities).

Who it is for: all skin types.

How to use it: shake the bottle well, close your eyes, spray two to four times from 8″ – 10″ away, wait for it to dry and then apply your makeup. You can also use this to refresh your look during the day.

How it worked for me: This is a new release to Urban Decay’s complexion perfection portfolio and I was so excited to try it. It feels light, smooth, refreshing, the makeup goes on really nicely after using it. BUT I have made a big rookie mistake: I haven’t researched this before I bought it. Turns out, it contains fish proteins. Fish proteins in a priming spray in 2018? I would expect a brand who is mostly known for its vegan and cruelty-free products not to release new products with animal-derived ingredients. To me, it doesn’t make sense. I felt disappointed despite the cruelty-free label but it’s my fault not to look into it before I bought it. I have one other worry about the Rebound Priming Spray. Saying ‘collagen infused’ is quite catchy but then I am always sceptical about products that suggest collagen can just be added to our routine and absorbed by our skin easily. The collagen molecule is large and can’t penetrate the dermis which is where we would need it. I am much more a believer in products that encourage our skin to produce collagen-like retinol.

I don’t think I will use Rebound again, it goes into the recycling bin for now but I am happy to keep the All Nighter because it is such a handy thing for nights out or for your kit if you are a makeup artist.

Value for money: great, you get two 30ml sprays for £15.

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