VEGAN HAIR CARE – Infuse My. Colour Platinum Wash (review)

As I mentioned before I am trying to look for cruelty-free, vegan beauty options whenever it is possible and I very much enjoy the process. It is so great to see how from only a few years ago vegans were hardly catered for but now the market exploded and the beauty world is suddenly full of exciting offerings from new indie brands and even some of the archaic giant companies are doing vegan ranges lately.

Hair care is never my first port of call when talking about beauty and I must confess, I am not a great expert when it comes to dealing with all things mane-related. It might suprise you but I don’t actually love going to salons to have my hair done either. I like to make a conscious effort, however, to keep my hair colour quite fresh, free from flat yellow tones so I have experimented with a good few toners, shampoos, conditioners in the past few years. My usual toning shampoo go to is the cult favourite Pro Voke Touch of Silver but I am always ready to give something new a go. This next product is an accidental discovery (it launched last year) but I am really glad it came my way one day randomly browsing in Boots.

My. Haircare™ is a bespoke brand and Infuse My Colour is their hair range. Founders Rob Forgione and Denis Kovalyov are successful hairdressers specialising in colour and hairdressing education for over twenty years. Having worked all over the world on photo shoots, red carpets and fashion weeks with countless of premium brands they decided to use their valuable experience and endless passion for hair care to create this affordable colour boosting hair range last year.


The collection consists of toner shampoos that give you fresh looking hair in a sustainable way. There’s a Ruby, a Copper, a Gold, a Cobalt and a Platinum shade that infuse vegan biodegradable colour as you wash your hair for immediate colour enhorefreshment and tone. They have also created a Treat conditioner too which works as a sealant complementing the shampoos, that prolongs the colour boosting effects. All My. Haircare™ products are 100% Vegan, Sulphate-free, Silicon-free, and Paraben-free which is music to my ears.


Here’re what all the shades do:

Ruby keeps reds, red browns, burgundies bright and vivid, and also can be used on bleached blonde to create pink tones.

Cobalt is pure ash that takes away warmth and maintains the depth of dark blonds, light, medium and dark brown hair. It is great if you like to keep your colour on the cool side, and it can also be used on bleached blonds to create mint green tones.

Copper prolongs brightness of deep strawberry blonde, copper, auburn and warm brown hair. It can add warm tones to the hair and can create a warm peachy shade on bleached blonds.

Gold keeps pale, medium, dark blonde and all highlights bright and luminous. It is also great as a glossing shine shampoo for any warm coloured hair.

Platinum neutralises yellow, maintains the radiance of grey, white, pale blonde and highlighted hair.

Treat is a conditioner that works as a sealant for My. Haircare’s Infuse My Colour Wash line completing the shampoo and condition regime of colour infusion. It is infused with Neroli extract, Tangerine Butter and Sunflower Seed Extract which gives the hair lasting hydration, colour protection and shine.

Being a very light blond these days I went for the Platinum one to get rid of any brassiness and to brighten up my colour because it gets yellow and dull pretty quickly.

The product has a gorgeous rich colour, it smells light and fruity. As you apply the formula, it lathers up quite well so a little bit goes a long way which makes this 250ml last quite a long time.

You use it as a normal shampoo, massage it, work it into the hair and although it doesn’t give instructions on how long to keep it on I usually wash it off pretty quickly because I don’t really want purple highlights. As any purple shampoo, this can stain your bath pretty quickly so make sure you rinse it off thoroughly from everywhere.

The result is subtle but beautiful, it makes my colour look more vibrant, bright, and gives it a ‘just been to the salon’ feel.

At £15.95 for 250 ml it is not the cheapest but since you would only use it once or twice a week, the price is entirely justifiable. All shades are available here . (Don’t look for it in Boots, they pulled the range from there not so long ago.)

The only problem now is that my hair colour at the moment is….shall I say…interesting. I have dark roots, light warm yellow blond length with ‘home-made’ (I am being polite here) platinum highlights so there is only one thing left to do: get my hair an even ash-platinum colour so this little wonder can make it look even nicer, fresher and less chaotic. I might need help with that…does anyone know a good colourist in Brighton?

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