J Lo – Summer Makeup Inspiration

I got to a point in my life where I feel totally okay about ageing and feel good about myself but sometimes…only sometimes I admire pictures about J Lo and contemplate why we can’t all age like her. She looks the picture of fitness, energy and beauty, definitely not like your average 48-year-old. I know, she has her very own beauty squad with top-notch makeup and skin care advice, personal trainer, probably chef too and can afford expensive beauty treatments but she never looked fake or over-done which I cannot help but adore.

When her makeup collaboration with Inglot dropped back in April and I’ve been meaning to do this post ever since. Famous for her glowing skin she is an obvious and perfect choice for a makeup collab like this. While the range got mixed reviews, there are some brilliant pieces in it, especially the pure pigments that can help you achieve that coveted radiance.

Her long-time make-up artist Scott Barnes has been creating J Lo’s signature glowy look long before it became a ‘thing’ on Instagram. I highly recommend checking out his Instagram, you won’t be disappointed! Courtesy of Barnes, her skin looks fresh, glowing and perfectly bronzed all the time so no wonder, she quickly became my ultimate summer makeup inspiration years ago and my adoration of her makeup style hasn’t changed all these years. She has been treating us with wearing some versatile makeup looks this year as well, especially now that she is featuring in ‘World of Dance’ on US tv. I collected my favourites to share with you just in case you are in need of a bit of an inspiration.

These two looks below are from the Inglot campaign and I am totally in love with them.

source: Inglot

Glowing bronzed skin, sparkling nude eyes, no fake lashes and a pop of red on the lips – to me, this is an ultimate summer look and I think she should be wearing it more often.

source: Inglot

This look above is more J Lo’s comfort zone, sparkling bronze eyes, beautifully groomed brows, lots of bronzer and soft highlights, a glossy nude lip. It makes me want to buy up the full makeup range at Inglot.

source: Mega


source: Mega

She stepped out of her comfort zone again at a press conference for The World of Dance wearing gold eyeshadow, coral lips and blush. I love it when she experiments with colour, this shade of coral is so perfect for the summer.

Jennifer-Lopez -Billboard-Music-Awards-2018--10-662x724
source: Getty
source: Pacific Coast News


Here’s another favourite of mine from this year, the dark plum smokey eyes really look chic on her. I would have maybe switched to less heavy-looking fake lashes but other than that, this is a perfect ‘grown-up’, polished look for a night out.

source: JLo Instagram
source: JLo Instagram

There’s a little play on metallics here. The pink and dark plum on the eyes with a gold sheen under the brows work perfectly with the nude lip and golden gloss. Both the outfit and the makeup are super-polished.

source: Pacific Coast News


source: Coastnews

Loving the J Lo signature bronze smokey eyes with heavily kohled eyeline, a thick liquid liner and perfect nude lips. It is exquisite, elegant and goes with her leopard print dress so well.

I have to say though, I mostly enjoy when she goes for a little bit more laidback style, especially like on the 2nd picture below. She is such a beauty, she doesn’t need much to enhance it.




Finally, here are a few more goodies from J Lo’s Instagram account:

source: JLo Instagram
source: JLo Instagram
source: JLo Instagram
source: JLo Instagram
source: JLo Instagram







I don’t know about you but I am already inspired and in the mood for some smokey eyes and orange lipstick.


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