Darphin Vetiver Stress Relief Detox Oil Mask (Review)

It’s well known that I am a sucker for a good mask and I love experimenting with new ones but I’ve never tried and oil mask before. I know, this is not entirely a new product, it launched at the beginning of the year but still, I was super-excited to try Darphin’s Vetiver Stress Relief Detox Oil Mask. I only have good experience with the brand so far, I adore the Chamomile, Tangerine and 8-Flower Nectar Oils, my sister used to use the Hydraskin range and she was beyond pleased with it.




If there was an award for the most beautiful-looking beauty products in the world, Darphin’s Vetiver Oil Mask would definitely be a runner-up for the top prize. I could hardly stop myself taking pictures of it which made my job ten times harder when I had to pick the best ones for this post. The question is: is this mask as beautiful on the inside than the outside? My answer is 100% yes. Here are the details:

Packaging: it goes without saying that all of the Darphin products have luxurious packaging and this one is no exception. It comes in a beautiful, quite a heavy glass jar with a white plastic lid. The product itself is protected by an additional flat white plastic insert.


What it is: it is a gold-coloured oil-gel stress relief detox mask with suspended calendula petals. It protects the skin from environmental damage and helps to relieve stressed, underslept weather-worn skin. It also helps to strengthen the skin barrier while nourishing, soothing and comforting it.

Who it is for: all skin types.

Ingredients: Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Glycerin, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, Oleic/linoleic/linolenic polyglycerides, Water\aqua\eau, Sucrose laurate, Crambe abyssinica seed oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, Moringa oleifera seed oil, Vetiveria zizanoides root oil, Plukenetia volubilis seed oil, Calendula officinalis flower, Cynara scolymus (artichoke) leaf extract, Laminaria ochroleuca extract, Hordeum vulgare (barley) extract\extrait d’orge, Triticum vulgare (wheat) germ extract, Bixa orellana seed extract, Pelargonium graveolens (geranium) flower oil, Citrus aurantium amara (bitter orange) oil, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, Origanum majorana leaf oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil, Salvia officinalis (sage) oil, Salvia sclarea (clary) oil, Commiphora myrrha (myrrh) oil, Beta-carotene, Artemia extract, Cananga odorata flower oil, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Sea whip extract, Bisabolol, Sucrose stearate, Tocopheryl acetate, Squalane, Caprylyl glycol, Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, Butylene glycol, Tocopherol, Alcohol, Sucrose myristate, Hexylene glycol, Benzyl benzoate, Benzyl salicylate, Citronellol, Farnesol, Linalool, Citral, Geraniol, Limonene, Phenoxyethanol.


The main actives mentioned at the website are: Vetiver (anti-ageing, brightening, promoting regeneration of the skin, it is also calming and stabilizing for the senses), Geranium (anti-inflammatory, skin healing, antiseptic, antibacterial properties, it is also hormone balancing, uplifting, promoting emotional wellness), French Lavender (skin-healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, helps the appearance of lines, it is also soothing, calming for the senses) and Marjoram Essential Oils (antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, antioxidant, brightens and events out skin tone, it is also calming and has a positive effect on the nervous system) with algae (hydrates, softens and detoxifies the skin while replenishing essential vitamins and minerals, it rebuilds the skin).

How to use it: put a thick layer on cleansed face, leave it on for 10 minutes then add a little water and massage the skin until the formula turns into a lightweight milk then rinse. You can use it 2-3 times a week.

How it worked for me: My boyfriend always says to me I never read instructions and I should. I have to admit, it is a bad habit of mine but I really should start reading them and not just slap on any skincare product I get my hands on. I’ve bought this beautiful mask and I was using it in the wrong way for at least a week! I didn’t add the water in the end, only wiped it off with a cloth after the 10 minutes were gone. It was a lesson to learn, I will do better next time, I promise. But I digress, I do apologize, I should be talking about my experience. First, I would like to mention the scent of this mask: it is heavenly! Actually, a choir of angels started singing as I opened the pretty little jar. True story! Joke aside, the scent is divine. Every time you apply this deliciously soft oil-gel, it holds a promise of luxury, elegance, healing, serenity and joy. On the practical side: it fights the look of fatigued, dull skin amazingly well and leaves your skin glowing just like delux facial would. I have recently used a lot of products on my face so looked a little red and patchy here and there but after using this mask it calmed down and the redness has gone. The heavenly sensory experience the blend of precious oils are providing is relaxing and lifting the spirit. Every time I’m using it (after my faux pax) I am tempted to leave the mask on for much longer than 10 minutes and it even lends itself for a good face massage on a lazy Sunday evening. This is a real treat and fabulous way to pamper yourself. Think of it as part of your self-care routine.


Value for money: it has a luxury price tag, £45.00 but worth every penny if you are a skincare lover and have the budget for it because you will feel utterly spoiled by the heavenly sensations with each application and skin will thank you for it.


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