Vegan-friendly sunscreen – Superdrug’s Solait Face and Body Cream SPF50

It seems like we’ve just packed away all the Christmas lights and it’s April already. Where does the time go? We had quite a grey start of the year but as the first rays of sunshine are peeking through the rain clouds here in Brighton I’m thinking SPF already. During the winter I usually rely on my makeup providing a minimum of SPF30(ish) but it is time to step it up, I am using retinol, acids so it is much needed. Every year I am on the lookout for a new brand to try, I haven’t settled with one that I keep buying just because formulations change, technology advances so there’s always something new on the market.

vegan sunscreen

Last year I tried La Roche Pose and used a Nivea Body sunscreen, this year I decided to try Superdrug’s own brand because it is cruelty-free, vegan, Cruelty-Free International approved and is cheap as chips. I don’t mind a good bargain when it comes to sun protection, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Solait Anti-Ageing Face Fluid SPF50+

vegan sunscreen

I used only SPF30 last year but I opted for SPF50 for my face this year. I use plenty of glycolic acid and retinol, I think I will need it.

The anti-ageing formula is boosted with Vitamin E (anti-oxidant) and Aquarich® ( extract of black oats has a high content of natural water reservoirs that forms a film of moisture on the skin and reinforces the skin’s own natural moisturizing factor), it contains a combination of broad-spectrum sunscreens to protect against UVA and UVB rays.
The star rating measures the amount of ultraviolet A radiation (UVA) protection and a rating of 4 or 5 stars is generally considered as a good standard of sun protection. As you can see, this one is 5-star UVA rated so it should be working really well even at the height of Summer.

vegan sunscreen

On application this hydrating formula feels soft, the texture is light and it is easy to spread on the skin. It has a delicately creamy scent, it’s not too overwhelming. Most importantly my makeup was sitting well over it without leaving a white cast, it kept me matte and it was comfortable to wear without it feeling sticky which is so important when it comes to sun creams. During the height of summer (if we get lucky enough and have a hot one this year) this will come in really handy because it is water resistant so it can stand a little sweat too.

vegan sunscreen

You get 50ml for £3.49, it is available in Superdrug in the UK.

Solait Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF50

Last year I used Nivea sun cream on the rest of my body, this year I opted for Superdrug’s own brand. SPF50 will be needed because I intend to spend a lot more time at the beach if the weather allows it.

vegan sunscreen

Just like the face cream, this is a hydrating formula too enriched with Vitamin E and Aquarich® and contains a combination of broad-spectrum sunscreens. It is slightly stickier than the face cream but I don’t mind that because it still feels lightweight on the skin. This will be great for my beach breaks because it is water-resistant and keeps the skin moisturized at the same time. It has a 5-star UVA rating just like the face cream which is the highest so I’m hoping this will not let my skin burn at all even if it is exposed to strong sunlight.

vegan sunscreen

On application the formula seems quite soft and easy to spread, it doesn’t have a strong scent, which I love and doesn’t sit heavily on my skin.

vegan sunscreen

You get 200ml for £4.49, it is available at Superdrug in the UK.

Now all I need is to buy an SPF spray to top up during sunny days and that’s it for a while. All Soleit Sun Creams is are formulated and made in the E.U. and are vegan-friendly.

You can also find vegan-friendly sunscreen for a slightly higher price at Ultrasun, Jásön, Bare Republic, Kiehls, Green People and Nature’s Gate.


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