Multi-masking with Vichy

Vichy Pureté Thermale Mini Mineral Mask Kit review

I’ve had my eyes on these masks for a long time, I just couldn’t decide which one to get because I liked the idea and the look of all of them. Only three weeks ago I spotted this new mini mask set and I thought, what a perfect way to try them all without investing in the full sizes! You can multi-mask with this kit or consider this as your Sunday facial and use all three right after the other. I do the latter and I love it. 15 minutes is all it takes and a baby-smooth, plumped up skin is guaranteed.


Purifying Pore Mineral Mask

I am not heavily into clay masks but this one doesn’t seem as harsh as the ones I tried before.  Designed for combination/oily skin, it will get rid of excess oil and make sure your pores are clean and tidy. Apart from the signature Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water and soothing Aloe Extract, it contains two kinds of fine white clay: Kaolin and Bentonite to do the cleansing action. It also contains fragrance so this might not be suitable for all skin types. The texture is smooth and soft, easy to apply, comfortable to wear and it has a subtle scent to it. You only have to leave it on for five minutes, when it dries wash it off with a sponge and you can go in with your usual skincare routine or you can follow it with another mask.

Double Peel Glow Mask


The next one is right up my street! This is the acid step in the routine that will save you from dull-looking and tired skin. The light gel formula has been designed to gently exfoliate the skin by using AHAs while the super-fine Volcanic Rock is adding the mechanical exfoliating element. The two are ingredients are working together nicely to reveal a brighter complexion. The scent is a mixture of cassis, apple and white musk, I am happy to say, it is not overwhelming at all. The texture is really light and refreshing on the skin, easy to apply, not messy at all. You only have to leave it on for five minutes, massage it gently for a few seconds and wash it off with a cloth. I haven’t felt any tingling when it was on or redness of the skin after I removed it, however just so you know Alcohol Denat is second on the ingredient list and contains fragrance so it won’t agree with some skin types. I don’t have issues with that and I was very pleased with the result it gave me.



Quenching Mineral Mask

The last one is the hydration step, a heavenly gel formula that’s cooling and soothing the skin. It contains remineralizing Thermal Water to fortify moisture barrier and rebalance, Vitamin B3 to sooth and brighten the skin, Glycerin to hydrate, Niacinamide to promote skin health and Menthoxyropanediol for a cooling effect. On the website they state it works for sensitive skin too, however, I think some might find the menthol-like ingredient irritating, not to talk about the fact that Alcohol Denat is the third ingredient, fragrance is the last so this won’t agree with some skin types. I haven’t had any issues with this mask either, I love wearing it, I can even leave it on for longer than 5 minutes. This is a lovely way to finish my facial routine and after washing it off with a cloth I only apply a serum and a moisturizer or an oil. I can even imagine popping this in the fridge before you want to use it for an extra cooling effect.


All in all, I can say that this is a kit well-worth investing in, all three masks are pleasant to use and are indeed doing their job well. I tried this mask routine on my boyfriend too, who has sensitive skin, but he didn’t have issues with any of the formulations either and loved how it made his pores on his nose look tighter and cleaner. Even if you are sceptical, this little pack is perfect as a taster to see which ones work for you.

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