My top 3 picks from the Lush Christmas collection

There is no Christmas without long relaxing baths and Lush bath bombs…at least in my home. Call me superficial but I am still captivated by the fun spectacle these little wonders provide. Watching a bath bomb or a bubble bar dissolve in the water is incredibly pleasing to my senses. This year is no different to others so I was curious to see what Lush has in store this season.

It’s always good to visit the stores before the big Christmas rush begins so you can actually have a closer look at the new selection. There are quite a few repeats this year like the Shoot for the Stars, the Golden Wonder Bath Bombs, the Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar, the Snow Angel Bath Melt but there are a good few new, exciting additions to the line. I stayed away from glitter this year just to minimize the mess in the bathroom so we can have even more time ‘couch potato-ing’.  These three were the most appealing ones at a first glance but I might fancy getting some more later on.

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb 

Look at how pretty this one looks? It’s almost a shame using it, isn’t it?

‘Sweater weather’ has officially arrived and The Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb promises the cosy feel of a Christmas jumper, well, it certainly looks the part. It gives you a slow fizz in the water – which is always nice if you want to have a longer bath – with the warm and spicy scent of Sicilian Lemon Oil with Mustard and Ginger powders (that helps you to ease muscles too), Coriander Seed and Clove Bud Oil. As it is melting the pink colour spreads in the bath quickly and then the yellow core bursts that paints the water a bright orange colour which is a nice surprise.  When using it the bathroom will be filled with a mix of a subtle zingy and spicy fragrance in no time and it lingers on a bit which to me is a bonus.

The Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb is vegan and it is £4.50 each.

Butterbear Bath Bomb aka Bear Hygge*

This one adds a little bit of a hygge* feel to your life which is all about embracing, enjoying the present and slowing down. A nice long bath with Butterbear can definitely do that.

Despite the heady Ylang-Ylang Oil and Cocoa Powder combination, this bath bomb smells fresh and clean, slightly on the spicy side but never overwhelming. It starts with a slow frizz and then after a while it speeds up a bit.

It leaves a bit of a buttery film on the skin so a quick shower to rinse it off is a good idea.

Butterbear is vegan and £2.50 each. What a bargain!

(*pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah)

Plum Snow Bubble Bar

I love the colour of this little beauty! It is so satisfying just to look at it!

This is a bubble bar so all you have to do is crumble it under running water, give it a good swirl with your hands and it will turn the water a dark plum colour with crisp white bubbles on top filling the bathroom with the fragrance of Sicilian Mandarin, Petitgrain Oil and Osmanthus. The sweet fruitiness is mixed with a touch of citrus, the scent combination is subtle, pleasant, not too heady or overwhelming but out of the three, this is the sweetest one.

Having a long plummy, delicious bath is definitely a nice treat during Christmas time for any beauty lover.

Plum Snow is vegan, contains SLS and is £5.95 each.

There are two other things I would like to get before Christmas: the Shooting Stars Soap, because it smells divine and another pot of Buche de Noel cleanser because that’s one of my Christmas traditions (this one only pops up at this time of the year as limited edition) and there’s hardly any other cleanser that makes my skin as soft.

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