New in – Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation review

I don’t think I’ve ever had a Max Factor base in my life, God knows why, but being a ReallyRee fangirl and reading her review about the new Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation made me feel intrigued straight away.  As soon as I got to a Boots counter and tried it on my hand I was hooked. The All Hours from YSL still works well for me but I’m always up for finding something that is more forgiving to my purse.

Us combination skin girls can never really have it all when it comes to bases. Foundations either cater for dry or more oily skins but once you have both qualities it becomes really tricky.  The Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation apparently works on all areas so understandably I was very curious to try it.

The Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation is a hybrid formula which is very much an in thing in beauty at the moment.  Products that have 2, 3, 4 functions in one, combining make-up with the benefits of skincare products is well suited to our fast-paced modern lives, appeals to our inner lazy girl or maybe the effortless French girl if that’s your thing.  With hybrid products, you can prime and blur, cover and nourish, give colour and protect from the sun, colour correct and brighten in one single step – who wouldn’t find that appealing?

I tried it for two weeks on my combination skin with a typical t-zone shine, here are the usual details:

What it is: a hybrid foundation with skin care qualities.

What it claims to do: “Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation is a hybrid make up with a smart formula and intelligent ingredients specially designed to adapt to internal and external skin stresses over the day: 24-hour hydration, SPF20 protection and shine control to help protect skin from dryness, shine and sun exposure. The foundation restores tired, stressed-out skin and improves skin condition.”

Packaging: nothing out of the ordinary, it is practical and it does look like a high street foundation. Glass bottle with a plastic pump and a see-through lid with gold stripes. 

Who is it for: I can see this working on normal, combination, slightly dry skin, maybe not on a very oily skin.

Finish:  satin, with a slight glow.

How it worked for me: On application, the texture is silky smooth and easy to blend, it is a joy to apply it with fingers but sponge/brush works well too. You can achieve quite high coverage quickly but you can build it up if you need more. I only used a small amount at a time and I could instantly see it brightening my complexion. It wears impressively well during the day but it oxidised a little on me over time (as do most foundations) so it might be a good idea to go for a little bit lighter shade than you usually go for. I am not sure how the formula is put together but is nice and balanced: It’s hydrating enough but not too moisturizing. It is oil absorbing but not drying. It has a glow but not the one that turns into an unappealing oil slick. It has coverage but doesn’t look heavy and it is comfortable to wear. It blurs out imperfections but doesn’t obliterate all your features. I am glad to see it lives up to its claim and it really does work on combination skin.

The SPF 20 is quite useful but for me is a bit too low, I personally would use a higher SPF before my make-up. At the end of the day, I removed it with a heavy balm cleanser just because of the sun protection and it broke down the make-up well and fast.

The  Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation is available in a decent variety of 18 shades, I just wish there were a bit more yellow undertones.

Value for money: good as with all high-street foundations, you get 30ml for £14.99.

Before and after shots:

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