My 5 favourite things to do to unwind and get inspired

Even if you are not working in a creative environment finding things that inspire you, help you to recharge is paramount for our mental well-being. As soon as I feel that I’m starting to lose energy, or as they say I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’ I consciously reach for one of my trusty ways to get those rusty engines working again and get back on track. ‘Meh’ is just not good enough for me and though it might take discipline, it is always worth making an effort and give that proverbial kick in the butt for yourself by actively seeking out inspiration.


My number one source of inspiration is listening to beauty podcasts at the moment. A bit late to the party, I know, but Youtube was keeping me occupied for a long while. However, I’ve had it with watching an endless number of Youtube videos when out and about. The annoyance of bumping into people on the street and practically missing the world by not even looking up from the screen has become a  bit of a bother. Since I am not much of a radio fan it was time to look for a new pursuit. 

I started to binge-listen to podcasts and I’ve instantly become hooked. The wide array of subjects covered in podcasts and listening to the incredible amount of inspiring people has not just helped me to get a new-found boost of energy to cultivate my career in the beauty industry but it has actually made me look up from my phone and take in the world around me too. There’s something liberating about not looking at a screen but still taking in outstanding content.

My other picks would be Full Coverage by Harriet Hadfield  (a lovely make-up artist who is blogging and Youtube-ing under the name of Harry Makes it Up) and Lindsey Kelk (a bulbbly beauty geek and writer), The Heart of It with Estee Lalonde (she is a huge beauty/lifestyle blogger and Youtube-er), What I Wore When (Glamour Magazine’s official podcast with Jo Elvin), At Home With (with Anna Edit’s Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles(both are amazing UK lifestyle/beauty/fashion bloggers) and if you are a bit of a film geek like me You Must Remember This is a real gem. 


Long are the days gone when I was eagerly chopping up fashion magazines and tear out the images I admired and collect it into large folders for inspiration. While I have kept some of them for sentimental reasons, my main inspiration for make-up and beauty is Pinterest.

The whole concept is so simple and easy yet brilliant. Pin, re-pin, like your favourite images and articles into different boards according to topics and ta-daaa there’s your online visual inspiration gallery done.

It is visually pleasing when I look at my main page on Pinterest and it is immensely satisfying to arrange all the images into different folders. When I’m prepping for a job or looking for inspiration for my next Instagram picture the first things I reach for are my Pinterest boards and my newsfeed and it usually doesn’t take long to find what I am looking for.

There’s nothing better than finding an idle 15 minutes during the day just scrolling away and pinning everything I fancy. If you’d like to join in on my Pinterest journey, you can follow me here.

Walking around small boutiques and tiny stores in the Brighton Lanes

When I want to wake up my senses the best bet is to take a long walk around town and check out my favourite shops. I have an inherent love of wandering around small independent stores and Brighton is a perfect place to do that. The Lanes offers such a huge variety from accessories, books,vinyls, jewellery, vintage clothes, spices, makeup, skin care to magical chocolate creations, homeware, vegan shoe shops and custom tailors  not to talk about the charming little cafes and eateries that lure you in for cups of soy latte, Bubble Tea or the latest gourmet burgers and vegan cakes.

My favourite places are Oliver Bonas, Workshop, Bert’s, Workshop Living, Infinity Foods, Choccywoccydoodah, The L’occatine store and Space NK of course. After a little outing like this in town, I always have to make notes because I am buzzing with lifestyle and post ideas.

Reading books on beauty, fashion magazines

These days I am keeping some of my magazines intact ever since Pinterest has come on the scene so I can enjoy them in their full glory. More and more magazines are going digital but I still hang on to print if I can. Going through my favourite magazines and beauty books on a lazy Sunday is one of my favourite things to do because somehow it completely switches me off for hours and poring over the beautifully crafted fashion images, beauty stories is not just a good way to de-stress and unwind but as a make-up artist it I find it inspiring.


My best-loved magazines and books are Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Hunger and Pop, all the Kevyn Aucoin books, the Fashion Images series, Audrey Style by Pamela Clarke Keogh, Face by the Pixiwoos, The Perfume Bible by Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay, Sali Hughes’ Pretty Iconic and Lisa Eldridge’s Face Paint.

Being in nature

I’m one of the lucky ones who lives a minute away from the beach in Brighton so nature is right on my doorstep. Finding a good spot to switch off and lose the track of time is easy since this area of the UK is surrounded by beautiful scenery (Devil’s Dyke is a particular favourite of mine). Going for a long walk along Brighton Beach or hiking for hours by the Seven Sisters Cliffs with my boyfriend is just what I need to recharge after a long week.

There’s nothing more refreshing than putting away your phone and not looking at it for hours. Being away from social media, pondering about life, being mindful about the present squeezes out negative thoughts nicely and tidies up the mind giving way to positivity and a new found energy that will definitely boost your productivity later on.

What is your favourite way to unwind and get inspired?

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