The Bodyshop Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask Review

Not a week goes by without a new mask hitting the beauty shelves of the country but as a self-confessed mask-junkie, I’m not complaining. I’m always happy to try all of them for the greater good of sharing the results with you! The Bodyshop’s superfood masks have been a firm favourite of mine since they’ve been launched this time last year (the British Rose and the Chinese Ginseng and Rice ones are brilliant!)so I was excited to see a new addition to the range. I was very curious how it will work since I haven’t tried any pollution clearing masks before.

What it is:
The masking formula contains Matcha Green Tea from Kakegawa, Japan, Dandelion Extract, Community Trade Aloe Vera from Mexico. It promises to purify, exfoliate and help to lift the build-up of city pollutants, everyday impurities.
Matcha tea (a special type of green tea, basically pulverized green tea leaves that is grown and produced in Japan) is a fabulous detox for the skin, an antioxidant powerhouse that has anti-inflammatory properties (reduces the redness associated such as rosacea and even acne), it keeps your complexion fresh and healthy (exfoliates and lifts off dead skin cells from the surface of the skin)and is fantastic for improving the signs of ageing (stimulates elastin production to add volume to the skin, protects the skin against free radicals that cause sun damage, age spots, dry skin, and yes, wrinkles). It has benefits for all skin types since it is gentle and great for those who struggle with breakouts and oily skin too. 

Dandelion Extract is a potent antioxidant as well (who knew?), the added Aloe Vera helps with soothing and moisturizing the skin.

Environmental pollution can tremendously age our skin (it causes dryness, pigmentation, inflammation, fine lines, etc.)but these brilliant active ingredients are all working on neutralizing free radicals, the chemicals that cause the damage. 

Added bonus: The Japanese Match Tea mask is 100% vegan and doesn’t contain silicones, mineral oil or paraffin.

The packaging: dark coloured heavy glass jar, the product is well protected, looks good on bathroom shelves but not travel-friendly.

How it worked for me: The Japanese Matcha Tea mask sounds delicious as it is but I think so far this is the most ‘sensorial’ of them all. Opening the jar I was instantly taken by the scent, it is so lovely, fresh, earthy, almost grassy. The formula itself is creamy, easy to apply. The first time I put it on I had this strange, very gentle tingling sensation which scared me a bit first but it turned into more of a cooling and uplifting sensation. Does this even make sense? Is this how it should work? I don’t know but this has got to be the most peculiar yet fun first-time mask experience. The longer I left it on, the more pleasant it has become. The mask has a light green colour that changes to almost clear over time. After 10 minutes as I removed it with a sponge the small granules gently exfoliated the skin leaving it fresh and incredibly clean. My skin looked amazing (not red at all despite thinking it might irritate my skin)as a result: bright, glowing, plumped up but it was even better the next day since I used my intense Alpha-H Glycolic moisturiser after the mask, so it must have penetrated better due to the mask. 

Did this mask remove all the pollution from my skin? I have absolutely no idea, but it was a great experience and my skin felt fresh, clean all-round fantastic without a doubt after using it so I highly recommend it! If I did a longer Sunday mask routine I would even add the British Rose hydrating mask after this for an extra plumping effect. 

Value for money: you get a healthy 75ml for £16 and judging by my previous experience with the superfood masks, it will last a long time.

I am absolutely thrilled I’ve found yet another brilliant mask from the Bodyshop. I think this could work on most skin types, however, if you know you have sensitive skin, patch test first to be on the safe side.


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