New in – Soap and Glory masks

I am a well-known mask junkie so hearing that there are more for me to try, call me shallow, but it makes me very happy. Soap and Glory has come out with a range of masks for different concerns like clogged pores, dull, dehydrated skin which means more fun to have on mask days! I have to say, I’ve never really been a Soap and Glory customer, but I was intrigued by these masks and I am glad I tried them because they are not just fun but they are actually pretty good! I picked three out of the five: one for the eyes and two for the face, these are all about hydration and brightening.

Puffy Eye Attack – Under-Eye Brightening HydroGel Patches 

I’ve never really been a great user of eye masks but anything hydrating sounds appealing to me right now. These two eye patches promise to refresh, de-puff, hydrate, brighten, improve the appearance of dark circles with tetrapeptides, Liquorice Root extract and Cucumber fruit juice extract. This is how it performed:

Packaging: the usual fun Soap and Glory packaging, the eyepatches themselves are securely wrapped, they are easy to handle.

Who it is for: All skin types.

Required time: 20-30 minutes

How it worked: the patches are made of a gel-like material soaked with active ingredients (but it’s not too moist) the application is easy, the patches are sitting nicely and securely under the eyes without moving, I could even wear my glasses over it and get on with my chores wearing them. The patches are slightly on the large side but it is really not hard to be considering how small my head is. They have an instant cooling effect and are very pleasant to wear, so much so, I forgot about them and left them on for 45 minutes. By the time you take them off they dry which means all the goodness has sunk into your skin. If you have residue left, just massage it into the skin.

These eye patches left my skin felt bouncy, the eye area refreshed and well-hydrated. It was definitely worth trying them and I will definitely re-purchase and keep them for the days I feel really tired. I can’t really say whether or not they are de-puffing or improving the appearance of dark circles because I don’t have puffy eyes and my dark circles are mostly inherited, so not much to do there I’m afraid, but this is an overall good buy and a definite re-purchase for me.  

Value for money: great! £3.50 a pair at Boots.

Speed Plump – Miracle Moisture Mask

This is a full face sheet mask or gel mask more like that consists of two pieces (one for the upper and one for the lower part of the face) and has a similar material to the eye patches. It promises to hydrate and moisturise with Hyaluronic Acid, Pink FlowerPower skin serum containing Safflower, Rosa Rugosa Flower And Peony Flower Extracts, Panthenol and Allantoin.

Packaging: fun looking, easy to handle, the mask is well-protected.

Who it is for: dry, dehydrated skin types.

Required time: 20-30 minutes

How it worked: the mask is easy to put on, the size and shape weren’t exactly right, but honestly, I’ve never found a sheet mask that really does fit my face. It was sitting securely on the skin and wasn’t too moist so again, I could easily get on with my chores having this on. Similar to the eye mask, this had a cooling, soothing effect too which was very welcome after I used my AHA, BHA mask from The Ordinary. It left my skin fresh and hydrated, it didn’t leave too much residue and the uplifting scent of Sweet Orange is a huge bonus so top marks from me all around for this one too!

Value for money: great! £3.50 each at Boots.

Bright and Beautiful – Radiance Boosting Mask

This is more like a traditional sheet mask for the whole face promising to boost and brighten dull, tired, stressed looking skin with Vitamin-C, White Flower Brightening Complex, Roobios Tea Extract, Gotu Kola Extract and Flatterspheres radiance boosters.

Packaging: fun looking, easy to handle, the mask is well-protected in the pack. 

Who it is for: dull, tired, stressed skin

Required time: 15-20 minutes 

How it worked: there’s only one problem with this mask and it is that it’s over-soaked with the product. It is not dripping off the fabric, but only just. I was applying this while taking a bath, so it was fine like that, but I don’t think I could have easily moved around in this one. Other than that, this is a perfectly pleasant little mask too, it left quite a bit of residue but it was easy to massage it in. It really refreshed my skin and my makeup looked good after using it, it smelled lovely too (pink grapefruit and mint). This can definitely go on the ‘hangover remedies’ list. As if the size is on the smaller side, but again, is there are sheet mask that fits anyone perfectly?

Value for money: great! £3.50 each at Boots.


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