New in – Mixa at Superdrug

I’ve loved French pharmacy brands ever since I can remember. My first serious moisturiser was from Vichy when I was a teen. They provide brilliant ingredients and cater for all needs for a fraction of the price of luxury brands. Most of them are fragrance and paraben free too which means even the most sensitive types can use them.

Needless to say, when I heard there is another brand launching in the UK, I was instantly on the case. After the first few tries, all Mixa creams and lotions feel rich but not heavy, not sticky, nourishing and soothing. I love the simplistic packaging and it is excellent for those on a budget. My first impressions of the brand are very positive so I will definitely invest in some more.

Founded by Dr Roger, a young pharmacist at the time, Mixa has been around from 1924 which shows you how it stood the test of time. It was formulated for women in the workforce (launderettes mostly) who needed soothing for their dry, irritated and chapped skin.

The range in the UK consists of 5 body lotions (Anti-dryness, Soothing, Cica Repair, Restoring, Firming), 3 hand creams (restoring, SOS hand repair and anti-dryness) and the multi-purpose Cica Repair Balm. My skin feels quite irritated and itchy on my legs so I went for the Soothing Body Lotion and just to try on my hands, the Repair Balm.

The Cica Repair Balm is enriched with Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and Sunflower Seed Oil. it soothes, repairs, strengthens fragile skin and provides relief from irritation and extreme dryness.

You can use it on the face, body (it’s great for elbows, heels) and hands too, so it is an excellent all-rounder in a home beauty kit, even kids can use it from the age of 3. It is fragrance and paraben free so perfect for you with sensitive skin types.

On application, it felt thick but it sank is beautifully and it didn’t feel sticky at all. After using it my hands felt nourished (even after washing my hands a few times), super-soft and it was comfortable to wear. Now it’s sitting next to my bed ready for night time use.

The Soothing Body Lotion is enriched with luscious Oat Milk and though it’s not fragranced it has this comforting creamy smell that I love.  

The formulation feels rich, non-sticky and silky, it sinks in quickly leaving the skin smooth, nourished and relieved from irritation.  After application, it is easy to slip into your pyjamas, because it doesn’t sit on the skin as so many body lotions do.

I love the practical pump applicator, it makes application so much easier and less messy. It is fragrance and paraben free.

Mixa is available exclusively at Superdrug at a very low, introductory price.


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