L’oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara review

It’s hard to stick to using only one mascara these days when there are millions of others to pick from. There’s always a better, prettier, new, improved design and formulation. I will keep buying and reviewing them, because I am really curious by nature. Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes is still my absolute favourite but it would be great to find a favourite that is kinder to my purse.

When I saw the new Baby Roll Mascara from L’oreal I was instantly lured in by the pretty packaging and here we are a few weeks later, I am ready for a review. It comes in Black, Bright Teal, Sweet Lilac, Indigo Gum and Black Waterproof, my choice was the Black one.

The packaging: unlike all the other L’oreal mascaras this has a different, vintage feel to it evoking the 1950s America with the pastel colours and the font type. It’s hard not to think ‘Grease’ when you’re looking at it.  It all-around eye-catching, pretty and fun.

The wand: this is the unique bit – the bristles go around the wand in a spiral so they can grab and pull each individual lash upwards. It is great for lengthening, volumizing, curling and lifting, it gives you quite a dramatic effect fast. It is a little bit on the large side for my tiny eyes, but I could still work with it. 

The colour: this is the only thing that I liked less than the other features, it is not as intense a black as I was expecting after using my Full Fat Lashes from Charlotte Tilbury. I had to build it up quite a bit to get the intensity up.

How it worked: this mascara gives you a lot, it works really well in terms of length, volume and as I mentioned before, you can get a dramatic effect quite fast. It really lifted my lashes and didn’t go clumpy at all. While wearing it my lashes dropped their curl during the day a little but the colour seemed to stay the same and I didn’t have problems with topping it up either because it didn’t dry my lashes. All in all, I think this is a great mascara if dramatic lashes are your cup of tea, the only feature where it sightly failed for me is the colour intensity. At the end of the day, it can be easily removed with a balm or cream cleanser without much effort.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Value for money:  excellent, it is only £7.99, available in Boots.



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