Kiko Skin Tone Foundation SPF 15 first impressions

Okay, so this was supposed to be a Mac Next to Nothing Face Colour review, but they haven’t had my colour in stock online and in store for a while so I had to adapt my plans for the week. I was watching one of Nadine Baggott’s Youtube video and she was talking about a good dupe for the Mac foundation. Guess what: it’s Kiko’s Skin Tone Foundation. My friends are laughing at me, I’m talking about Kiko so much, it sounds like I am sponsored by them. I really am not, I am going throug a Kiko phase right now I guess and they are fast becoming one of my favourite high street brands. 

The ‘barely there’ bases are very much in at the moment. Mac, Kiko, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Chanel all came out with new versions of it recently and with Glossier (a brand all about natural, glowing skin) apparently coming to the UK at the end of the year too, it will be hard not to find one suitable for you.

The Kiko Skin Tone foundation is a super-lightweight highlighting base with light to medium coverage, boosted with Hyaluronic Acid that is known for attracting moisture to the skin. It is great if you just want to even out the skin tone without looking made up but the coverage is buildable if needed. I applied it with a wet beauty sponge that worked really well. The wear is great and comfortable, though I still have to try it on warmer days to see if it lasts. I have to say though, I did an intense cardio session wearing it and apart from my red cheeks showing through it didn’t really move which was quite impressive.  They claim that this works for all skin types, it’s oil-free so it good for oily skin too.

I like how the packaging looks, it reminds me of high-end foundations yet it is light and easy to carry around. Pump bottles are always useful they make application easy so brownie points for that. The only tiny critique I would have is that the bottle is black all over, you can’t really see how much you have left in the bottle. You’d have to judge by weight which may prove to be tricky.

I’m really impressed by the fact that it comes in 39 shades and 6 different undertones (mine is Neutral Gold 30)so even the lightest and darkest of skin tones can find a match.

I’ve tried the Skin Tone foundation only a few times so far but I really like it already. The texture is great, it is comfortable, stays on well, so yeah, another success for Kiko!

Here are the before and after by the window with natural light. foundation                 2.with the foundation on            3.finished full look

The Kiko Skin Tone foundation is £15.90 in Kiko stores.


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