Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick and Lip Liner review

I’ll be perfectly honest with you, when I’ve first seen Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk lipstick in her store back in the winter when it was launched, my first reaction was: ‘Is that it?’. There wasn’t much that intrigued me about it and I thought the beauty of it in all the pictures celebs wearing it was just due to lighting. The buzz around it hasn’t stopped all Spring, so I decided to order it anyway together with the already legendary Pillow Talk Lip Pencil. I love a nude lip, I thought it deserves another chance.  Gosh, I’m happy I’ve done that because I fell in love with it after the first use and I have to say no swatches online do it justice, you have to try it on to see how it looks on you.

Launching a limited edition corresponding lipstick to the already existing, hugely popular Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Lip Liner was a stroke of genius, no wonder the beauty world and the public went wild about it.

The lipstick comes in the signature Tilbury vintage style gold bullet with the signature Tilbury squared off tip. It is part of the Matte Revolution line, though thanks to the soft, velvety texture, nourishing and soothing  formula (it is enriched with Orchid extract and, funnily enough, Lipstick Tree extract) you wouldn’t say it’s a matte, it’s so comfortable to wear. Long are the days gone when ‘matte’ was equivalent with ‘drying’, this is is such a luxurious texture.  It gives full coverage, excellent pigment, a soft matte finish which is by no means flat and a good long wear too. The squared off tip makes it really easy to apply I didn’t even have to use a lip brush for precision.

I’m quite picky when it comes to lip pencils, I tend to gravitate towards traditional ones and avoid the really soft waxy formulas. This liner is not too soft but not too hard either, it is very easy to navigate the line with it and stays on amazingly well. It is perfect with various lip shades too just to give you a great natural, defined line.

Both the pencil and the lipstick are a nude-rose shade, they suit many skin tones. It is one of those colours that you can throw on with any look from natural, fresh to strong ones. It is not too light, not too dark, it gives a beautiful definition to the lips. It’s one of those ‘It’s your lips only better’ shades that enhances one’s natural lips. I find it quite fascinating to see it in action and how much better it looks than any other nude shades I’ve tried.  The cherry on top? The added vanilla scent of the lipstick is gorgeous and lifts the whole experience to another level. 

Swatch on the bottom: Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick, swatch on the top Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Lip Pencil

As I said before swatches you see on other blogs and here don’t do it justice, you have to see it on your lips because it looks slightly different on everyone.

Both the lipstick and the lip pencil is true Tilbury magic, a joy to own and a pleasure to wear. I wore it all day, I wore it while working out too, actually, as I am sitting here writing this in my pyjamas I’m still wearing it just because I can and I find it beautiful …much to my boyfriend’s amusement of course. Can I wear it in bed too? I guess, why not? I don’t see any problems with that! Totally normal, right?

To wrap up this post, here is Pillow Talk three ways:

Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick lightly dabbed on the lips
Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick with Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Lip Liner
Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick, Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Lip Liner with a clear gloss on top

Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Lip Liner is part of the permanent line and is available for £16.00 here. The Lipstick started out as limited edition lipstick, but as far as I know, it will become part of the permanent lip range from June. Yay! It’s available here for £24.00.




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