Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara Review

These days when a new mascara formulation is launched every other day it seems, it is really hard to see clearly what works and what doesn’t. Beauty brands can promise you the world and say a certain mascara does ten things at the same time, yet fail to perform when you try them. You just have to experiment until you find the one that works. I’ve never been too fussed or picky about mascaras up until not so long ago. Now that I’m getting older formulation, colour payoff, wand shape is everything.

In Full Fat Lashes, I finally have found a mascara that gives great results and still won’t break the bank. This mascara has been out for a good while, now it was really time for me to try it.

Okay, let’s talk facts:

The packaging: it comes in a unique shaped box in the signature Tilbury colours: bronze and gold. It is fun and classy. The mascara itself has the same colours, it has a simple shape and not too heavy, which is good news for handbags.

The wand: soft, layered, not too chunky which makes me happy, it is perfect for my small eyes. It doesn’t take out too much product so it won’t go clumpy. 

The colour: intense, glossy black.

How it worked: it can literally double my lash size, it lengthens, lifts separates, volumizes doesn’t go everywhere, doesn’t clump. I am in love with it. It has a very intense black colour which is perfect for defining light coloured lashes like mine.  It looks good after one coat, but it can be built up beautifully if you’d like to achieve a dramatic effect. You could use a lash curler first to intensify the look. I heard that a few people have found that it smudges on them, but it didn’t on me, so I guess I’m lucky. This mascara leaves the lashes soft so you can even re-apply during the day without making a right mess out of it! It stayed on and kept its intense colour and lift the whole day. I used a cream cleanser and a flannel to remove it and it worked perfectly fine, it all came off quite easily.

Value for money: for me personally it is great because the result I’m getting is amazing.

Mascara is a very personal thing, we all like different ones for different reasons. Full Fat Lashes is definitely in my top 5 mascaras I’ve ever used and is my current favourite.

Here’s a before and after for you to see how it looks like in action:

                  before                                      one coat                                    three coats

Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes is not tested on animals and it is fragrance free. It is available here for £23.00.

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