Alpha-H Liquid Gold 24 Hour Moisture Repair Cream and the Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum review

Okay, so here’s the second part of my Alpha-H review. I’m not going to bore you with saying how I much love Alpha-H as a brand, I have said it a few times before and still stand by it so I quickly get to the important bit which is the review. The Liquid Gold range is a high-performance anti-ageing, regenerating range that has enjoyed a cult status within the industry for years, deservedly so because it truly delivers the goods and you can see results with it in a short amount of time. This moisturiser and serum was a later addition to the range and they work perfectly well with the original Liquid Gold.


Target skin type: normal, dehydrated, sun-damaged, ageing.

What it is: this rich moisturiser contains 5% Glycolic Acid to gently get rid of dead skin cells, smooth the skin and fade hyperpigmentation. It also has Argan Stem Cells and Matryxl 6 in it too to boost cell renewal and reduce the appearance of lines. The Lactic Acid, Fision Hydrate and Hyaluronic Acid are there to hydrate and strengthen the skin, the Chia, Vitamin E and Green tea are acting as anti-oxidants, to lock moisture in and take down inflammation. This is seriously good for brightening, smoothing and hydrating the skin, basically, it forces it to act to its optimum, which is what we want. It has a neutral smell which I love and I’m sure it is good news for many people.

How to use it: evenings, after cleansing, alternate nights to Liquid Gold. You could use it in the mornings too if you wanted to just make sure you slap on that SPF afterwards.

Texture: It is quite rich and a little bit on the heavy side, but I don’t mind because I know all the good stuff I need is in there and waking up with baby smooth skin is a nice feeling.

Packaging: loving the pump dispenser it makes it so much more hygienic than traditional pots, not to speak about the longevity of the ingredients in it will stay safe and intact.

Price: £51.00 at Cult Beauty ( here ), £46.00 at QVC (here) for 50ml…steep, I know, but well worth the investment and you can get good deals on QVC on it (like this one here the whole set is £65.00)

30+? Need a boost? Go for it!


Target skin type:  normal, ageing, sun damaged (tolerant to Liquid Gold).

What it is: this is an intense anti-ageing powerhouse with 14% cosmetic grade Glycolic Extract, so make sure your skin is used to acids before you start using this. It contains Vitamin A, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Palmitoyl Tripeptide 5, Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin E.  It resurfaces, clears, brightens tired, dull complexions, reduces the appearance of lines, pores and pigmentation. It encourages cell renewal, firms and evens out the skin tone while keeping is moist and supple.

How to use it: 2-3 pumps after cleansing, evenings, before moisturiser (I even skip moisturiser after this most of the time), a little goes a long way. Avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Texture: gel-like, slightly sticky but, again, I don’t mind because I know what loveliness I’m getting out of it, it’s all worth it!

Packaging: pump bottle, great, fuss and mess-free.

Price: £51.00 at Cult Beauty (here), £47.00 (here) at QVC …that’s a lot, I get it, but great investment on so many levels and same as the moisturiser, you can get some amazing deals on QVC (like this one).

30+? Need a boost? Go for it!


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