Rimmel Volume Shake, Volume Colourist and Scandaleyes Xtreme review

Ever since I worked for Mac I’ve been stuck in my ways and kept using their mascaras. They worked really well for me and I didn’t think of using anything else. Only recently I started to venture out into a quite uncharted territory of using other brands. I’ve been loving Chanel’s Inimitable Mascara but I wanted to see what’s available for a budget price. There’s a lot of buzz around Rimmel at the moment so I picked up three of their mascaras (including two new releases) to compare their performance.

First things first: Scandaleyes Extreme

What they promise on the website: “The dual action brush captures lashes bringing them to their max. Curved side: Volumises and loads up lashes for xx-treme look. Flat side: Defines and lengthens lashes from root to tip. No clumps.”

Packaging: bright pink chunky plastic tube, not the greatest looking thing.

Wand: this one has the most interesting looking wand out of the three. One side is straight for lengthening and the other is curved for volume.

The colour: intense black.

How it performed: I quite liked how this lengthened my lashes and didn’t go clumpy though I’ve found the wand slightly on the large size for my small eyes. The colour kept its intensity during the day. It’s a good mascara but it’s not great. It took me quite a few coats and careful navigating of the wand to get the desired effect. I’ve had ones that are easier to handle and give you the desired effect quicker so I’m not sure I would get it again.

Price: £6.99, very reasonable.

Volume Shake

What they promise on the website: “Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara features a first-to-market patented shaker system that refreshes the volumising formula whenever it’s needed. The volume-defining brush gives you a beautiful fan of lashes with maximum separation from corner to corner.

-Breakthrough shaker technology

-Beautiful clump-free volume 

-Stays fresh from first to last use”

Packaging: a bit heavier and chunkier than your average mascara because of this new ‘shaker’ technology, it’s green and gold which doesn’t really do much for me.

The wand: it looks like a typical volumizing wand, nice and chunky. This one again is slightly on the large side for my tiny eyes.

The colour: intense black.

How it performed: I really wanted to love this one because I like the idea of a mascara that stays fresh for longer, but I’ve found the formula a tad bit too wet and despite normally being precise with application this was hard to navigate and it went all over my upper lids as soon as I blinked. It puts on way too much product on the lashes, to me, it was hard to control. Ideally, I wouldn’t want to wait that long for the product to dry either. I also felt that soon after applying this formula weighed my lashes down and ended up not getting much of a result at all. The intensity of the colour was fading too during the day. After a few days of trying I felt I had to correct it with another mascara to get the desired effect. What a shame.

Price:£8.99 very reasonable.

Last but not least my favourite out of the bunch Volume Colourist.

Having struggled with very fair lashes forever I’ve found the idea of a lash tinting mascara intriguing, so there was no question I went for it.

What they promise on the website: “Reveal darker lashes with and without mascara!

• Darkens bare lashes in two weeks*
• In an instant, lashes appear fuller and longer.
• Tapered, lash-intensifying brush wraps every lash with blacker than black pigments”

Packaging: nice, thin, sleeker than the others, a good colour combination of bronze and black too.

The wand: this is longer than the rest but still has the density of a volumizing formula. It is still a bit on the large size but this time I don’t mind because I am way too intrigued by the tinting effect.

How it performed: I only had to put a few coats of this on to get quite an intense effect, it lengthens and volumizes quite well. After using it for a week I am happy to see that my lashes started to darken a little and I experienced no irritation whatsoever. This one is a definite keeper and I will update you about the results.

Price:£7.99, very reasonable.

I hope you enjoyed this mini comparison post, I definitely did enjoy trying on these mascaras. Even if some are not for me it doesn’t mean they are bad, they might work for other eye shapes and lash types. I am excited to do a similar comparison post with other brands too.


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