Origins Flower Fusion sheet mask review

A lot of brands are jumping on the sheet mask bandwagon lately spoiling us with quick and easy treatments for a budget price. Originating from South Korea (the home of K-beauty) sheet masks are taking the Western World by storm and suddenly everyone is doing it. Luckily the high street is catching up too and it seems Origins couldn’t stay away from the trend either. Last week they launched 6 individual masks targeting different concerns, all arranged around a floral theme: Rose for hydrating, Jasmine for softening, Orange Flower for brightening, Violate for nourishing, Raspberry to refresh and Lavender for soothing. They all contain flower extracts and essential oils that benefit the skin in different ways. I have to say I could use all of those as we are slowly leaving winter behind and my skin needs all the treats possible but I only went for the three that I needed most: Rose, Violet, and Orange flower. I used them all up in quick succession on three mornings before I started my makeup routine.

Orange Flower for brightening

Here’s your rescue remedy for dull and tired skin. I think this one has to be my favourite out of the three, I was positively glowing after using it in the morning. My skin turned a little bit pink right after taking it off (I had it on a bit longer than advised) but I didn’t mind, my skin does that when using brightening masks. I diligently massaged the remaining product into my skin and in about 10 minutes I had an amazing cooling, refreshing sensation all over my skin that I really enjoyed together with the uplifting scent.

Next up: Violate for nourishing

I’ve found this the richest out of the three, it could work brilliantly on dry, tired, ‘needy’ skin beaten by winter weather, air con or one too many drinks and takeaways. I felt this left a tad bit more product on the face when taking it off, but I guess you can leave it on for longer than 15 minutes to let it sink in more. It took a good while to massage the leftover product into the skin but it was worth it, I looked glowing and fresh all day even though I was wearing a full coverage matte foundation.

Last but not least: Rose for hydrating

I am all about hydration at the moment and while all of these masks do hydrate, this one will give you an extra dosage if you feel in need. It had a really nice cooling effect while on and my skin felt bouncy and fresh all day. 

The packaging is eco-friendly and the masks are made up of 100% natural bamboo that makes them really soft. The cut and shape of each one feel reasonable and comfortable to wear.

They each contain a generous amount of product (but not dripping), stick to the face firmly, so you can even walk around in them. They are only lightly scented, which I’m glad about because I don’t like strong floral fragrance.

Trying these 3 masks makes me want to buy the other 3 too, take them over to my sister’s and have a good giggle over how silly we look with them on. This is an excellent, inexpensive (£5.00 each) way of getting a good treatment and have fun with skin care. They are a feel-good experience that could also serve as a Mother’s Day treat together with your usual bouquet of flowers.

The Origins Flower Fusion sheet masks are available at Boots, John Lewis and

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