Beauty Empties March 2017

My blog is old enough now to have an ’empties’ post, yay! I can’t believe it’s the end of March already, Summer will be here again before we know it!

I wanted to get back to you on certain products that I only had my first impressions of. Now that these are all used, let’s see how they performed and will they be worth re-purchasing.

Let’s start with Pixi’s Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons. My first impressions were great on this and I still love it. This is a brilliant high-performance cleanser. I was a bit skeptical first about the packaging and the size of the compartments. I thought I would use one side quicker than the other, but no, I pretty much finished them at the same time and it lasted 1 month and 3 weeks with everyday use which sounds pretty good to me.

What it is: High performance, heavy duty cleanser; a fragrance free balm and a cream in one pot.

Is it worth the money? Cleansing is incredibly important to me, so I think this is great value for money.

Will I re-purchase? Absolutely yes!

Pixi’s Double Cleanse is available for £24.00 at Pixi Online and Cult Beauty.

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23%

As the mainstream beauty world is going bananas over Vitamin C and new products containing the wondrous antiageing ingredient are epopping up every day (lately Clinique, No7 on the high street)I will stick to The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23%. It’s a high dose anything over 20% is good for me), which is very effective in brightening the skin and getting rid of pigmentation, old sun damage, etc. I feel I need that strength. I have definitely seen a difference in my skin tone, this will be a definite keeper. A good word of warning: it stings when you apply it, which I personally don’t mind. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a lower dose and a more diluted formulation.

What it is: an antiageing, high dosage Vitamin C serum to be used in the evenings.

Is it worth the money? Effective antiageing for under a fiver? That’s a no-brainer to me!

Will I re-purchase? Absolutely yes!

The Ordinary Vitamin C 23% Suspension is available for £4.90 at Victoria’s Health.

Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Multi-Depth Rehydration Booster

I bought this back in July. It lasted so long because I’ve been using so many things in rotation.  I reviewed this back then (read it here) and I still stick to my word, this is a great hydrator in combination with a good moisturiser. My skin definitely feels bouncier when using this. Note that if you live in a dry climate HA boosters, serums could dry your skin since they draw moisture from the environment and if the climate is too dry, it will do the opposite of hydration.

What it is: The Hylamide Low Molecular HA Booster that uses five different forms of HA molecules that penetrate different layers of the skin. Mixing it in with your usual moisturiser, it will make sure that every last bit of moisture is captured and delivered to the deeper layers of the skin.

Is it worth the money? Here’s the thing: The Ordinary appeared on the market and started to get a real buzz after I bought this.  While £18 is well worth paying for such a great product, I will definitely go for The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum next time for £5.90. At the end of the day, both companies are owned by Deciem so my money will go to the same place 😉

Will I re-purchase? Probably not for now for all the above reasons.

Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Multi-Depth Rehydration Booster is available for £18.00 at Boots.

La Roche Pose Anthelios AC Matte Fluid SPF30

I bought this back in the summer and as you can see I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. I’ve found myself reaching for my Bobby Brown Tinted Moisturizer SPF35 or the Bare Minerals Complexion Enhancer  SPF30. My boyfriend used it up in the end. I think I will stick to the routine of getting my facial sun protection from my makeup and use one of those Garnier SPF sprays to re-apply if needed. That doesn’t mean this is not a great product! It is, LRP is a great brand for SPF and this lotion is comfortable to wear. It’s not for my present routine, that’s all.

What it is: a lightweight sun protection lotion with a matte finish for oily skin.

Is it worth the money? Yes, a good sun lotion from a French Pharmacy brand is always worth the price.

Will I re-purchase? No, purely because it doesn’t fit my beauty regime at the moment.

La Roche Pose Anthelios AC Matte Fluid SPF30 is available for £16.00 at  Boots.

Oh, K! Cucumber Sheet Mask

This mask is nice, it’s soft, it does what it says on the packaging:  a cooling and hydrating on a budget and most of all, it’s pure skin care fun! What’s not to love?

What it is: a hydration boosting cooling sheet mask.

Is it worth the money? Absolutely yes!

Will I re-purchase? Absolutely and I will try their avocado moisturizing mask too. 

Oh, K! Sheet Masks are available for £3.00 from Boots.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Everyone is raving about this and quite rightly so, Anastasia Beverly Hills still is one of the best companies to go to for brow products. I was looking for a replacement for my very old (now discontinued) Taupe pencil form Mac and this one is a perfect colour match. I had only one reservation: I somehow can’t warm up to this retractable, super thin crayons. I still prefer the old-fashioned pencil format, so when I discovered Kiko’s brow pencils for a third of the price? I switched to using them instead.

What it is: a retractable eyebrow pencil.

Is it worth the money? It’s a high quality, great product, but now I prefer another one for a third of the price.

Will I re-purchase? Not for now because the Kiko ones are more suitable for me.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is available for £15.50 at Cult Beauty.


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