Streamlining my makeup stash and storage ideas

I will dedicate this post to my sister. She is the main organiser, ‘tidy-upper’ in the family and today she would be proud because I finally decided to get my personal makeup stash in order. My pro kit is nicely streamlined and clean, yet I kept accumulating unnecessary makeup items in my everyday makeup box that I just didn’t have the heart to get rid of. Things were getting out of hand so I decided to order nice makeup pouches and one of those see-through Acrylic storage boxes. The challenge was to fit everything I need in them and get rid of the rest. It wasn’t easy but I got from this:

to this:

I am quite obsessed with makeup storage so I was excited to pick a few new ones for this private project of mine. I’ve had my eyes on these two companies for a while so I was eager to order this Muji box and the pouches from My Kit Co. They are both very practical, easy to clean.

Okay, so let’s start with bases and concealers. Why would I keep the ones that are not the right colour or not for my skin type or the ones with old SPF?

After streamlining the pile looks much better, only keep the ones I will use every day. One full cover foundation, one light complexion enhancer with fresh SPF. One liquid, one cream concealer and a light colour corrector that doubles up as an eye brightener.

The next and the most crowded category is lips. How did I get to this? Goodness! The thing is, I’m wearing a different colour of lipstick, gloss or lip balm for every mood I have and then bought some for the blog too because they are all so pretty. But this has got to end here.

After streamlining it is still quite a lot for many people for sure but this is a nice selection of nudes, pinks reds, and different formulations, so I am very pleased.

Next up: eyeshadows. this is the least crowded category of all, I still don’t need as many. I will stick to neutrals, browns and bronzes so I will keep the two old Mac limited edition palettes (one matte, one shimmery)that are so handy and portable. I only need two bases: one natural, one bronze base. Done.

Moving on to mascara. Zoomlash in blue? Really? I’m wondering what made me think I’m going to wear that? I might do a fun Insta photo with that later on.

Let’s be honest, do I really need anything else than a black and a brown mascara? No. 

That looks so much better!

What’s next? Eyeliners. Realistically, I will wear mostly a brown or maybe a dark purple, aubergine, do I need an eyeliner in all the colours of the rainbow? No.


That is a severe cut-down but very fair, I  can always put the rest back into my pro kit or do some fun blog photos with them later on. I kept my favourite pencil Teddy from Mac, a liquid eyeliner in purple and a cream in aubergine.

We have arrived at the brow category. I seriously don’t need that many colours and formulations so I will keep my new favourite form Kiko that matches my brow colour and a darker one from Mac if I’m in the mood, keep that brilliant gel from Benefit and job done.

Last but not least, my favourite category: cheeks. This will be difficult.

There are too many products here that I don’t use that often no matter how much I love them so I need to be strong and choose the best.

This is a good mix of colours (pinks, reds, bronzes, gold and pearl highlights) and formulations (creams and powders), old and new, they are all quite versatile too so I am very pleased with my choices.

That concludes this little streamlining challenge. My makeup kit is far from being a capsule collection, still, I feel it looks much better than it was. I am very happy with all my choices, the storages I’ve chosen are aesthetically pleasing yet practical. If you are a bit of a hoarder like I am I highly suggest doing a clear out sometimes, it does all kinds of nice to your mind and soul ;).

You can find the storage I used from Muji here and from My Kit Co. here

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