Real Techniques – 5 tools, flawless complexion

Here’s a little limited edition surprise from Real Techniques, a handy collection of tools, a prep and prime set that all beauty lovers would be happy to own.

I was looking for some sort of a spatula that I can use for my creams and cleansers anyway, so this grabbed my attention straight away. It said limited edition so I went for it thinking ‘I will miss out if I don’t get it now!’ Damn, I fell for the ‘limited edition’ sales trap! I’m really glad I got it though because I have used all of them every day ever since I got them.

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is not new, already well loved by the public, it the perfect tool to work your foundation/tinted moisturiser/BB, CC Creams into the skin, a fantastic budget version of the Beauty Blender.

I love the shape and how easy it is to use it, so having a spare always comes handy. The new bit is that you get a brilliant sponge stand that you can keep it in and let it dry! I find sponges quite difficult to store, so I love the idea of having a proper clean place to keep it in.

Another piece in the set is a firm prime brush that you can use for moisturisers, serums, primers and masks. 

I think my main use for this will be the latter but I can imagine even doing a quick foundation routine with this too. So you could do all your prep work with only one brush! How good is that?

I’ve found the next piece in the collection quite intriguing when I first saw it: an under eye reviver with a stationary aluminium ball. 

I love a roller ball action under my eyes, I remember ages ago I kept buying the Garnier eye cream just for that. This is not technically rolling on the skin but it’s great to de-puff the eye area, working in eye creams and I find it perfect for massaging my face oils in at night.

Last but not least, the real reason why I bought the kit is the beauty spatula.

How many times I thought, ‘Oh, I wish I had a spatula so I wouldn’t have to dip my finger into a tub of product ever again.’ but I somehow kept delaying buying one. I find this incredibly useful, not to talk about helping to keep everything hygienic and clean.

I’ve always thought the Pixiwoos are hugely talented and they are great businesswomen. I adore their brush collection but it’s always good to see that they are trying to come up with things that are actually useful rather than bringing out gimmick after gimmick riding the coat tails of their Youtube fame. Top marks overall for this handy little set.

The Limited Edition Prep and Prime Set is available at Superdrug for £19.99.


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