My current makeup routine

(originally published 06/01/2017)

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you had a good one! Instead of talking about New Year’s resolutions -I don’t really do them myself – I am going to get straight back into talking about beauty and makeup.  Whatever resolution you have made on New Year’s Eve I wish you lots of motivation, stamina and discipline to stick to it. Not that I don’t have goals to achieve, it’s just these decisions to me are not connected to the New Year, I make them when I’m ready and I feel strong enough to achieve them. 

After spending the Holiday season with planning strong makeup looks it is time for me to return to fresh, natural looks. I remember when I was working at  Mac this was the time of the year when we got all the nude collections, with different highlighters and light, subdued, neutral colours.  It’s the new year, a time for renewal and for a fresh start, it feels only right for me to wear fresh, dewy, natural makeup. I like to come up with different ways to achieve a fresh face, especially that I’m reaching the end of my 30s, it has become more and more of a challenge. Regardless of age though, it is good to master a natural makeup routine that you feel comfortable with.  

Okay. Let’s get started. There is no makeup without solid foundations, that is, good skincare. I have posted my current morning routine on Instagram recently, and I pretty much use the same things every day. 

Oskia is a great cleanser before makeup, it makes your skin feel nourished, silky soft and bouncy. The Buffet serum gives enough hydration for the day and the In Transit mask/primer is perfect before makeup if you feel a bit tired.

For perking up the skin a bit more, a re-addition to my routine and a well-loved product of mine for years is this Make Up For Ever Radiance Primer in Mauve (as far as I remember it used to be called HD primer). This is a touch of magic, after putting it on, everything changes. Light comes back to face and the skin looks overall brighter. This is my secret to cheating a good night’s sleep.

Next step: foundation. This is a classic, one of my all time favourites and I keep going back to this. The Vitalumiere Aqua from Chanel is perfect for a natural finish, not too matte, not too dewy. Applied with a sponge or fingers you can create a ‘your skin but better’ look.

After an evening out the skin tone comes colour correcting and concealing. I couldn’t live without the Bobbi Brown colour corrector cream. I have really dark areas around my eyes, so that counteracts it perfectly. Light peach is my colour, but they have something for every skin tone (I keep them in a palette as you can see below). My chosen concealer this time is the Make Up For Ever HD concealer, just because it has great coverage and it is nearly undetectable on the skin. Thankfully, it comes in a great range of shades.

So base is done, what’s next? Eyes. It is all about neutral colours, there are so many good ones available on the market, but I usually reach for either the Mac Paint Pots (like Groundwork, Painterly, Utterly Becoming), eyeshadows (like Omega, Wedge, Charcoal Brown), or my trusty Tom Ford palette in Cocoa Mirage.

Cocoa Mirage has beautiful neutral matte colours that blend beautifully. The key here is ‘less is more’ and blend, blend, blend until all edges are blurred, so the colours look more like natural shadows than anything else. I used the lightest colour in the palette as a base and shaded the crease with the colour at the bottom left to make my eyes look less hooded.

My next step is eye pencil. This colour is what I use literally every day and couldn’t live without: it is the famous Teddy from Mac. It is a beautiful, rich, bronze-brown that I use for tidelining and to make my lash line look more defined. 

 Curling lashes is a really important stage to open up the eyes. I am usually quite lazy with this, but it makes such a difference, I promised myself to use it more.  My current favourite mascara is Inimitable from Chanel. It is well suited for this look because it lengthens, volumises and separates all in one, so you don’t have to spend too much time with getting an intense effect. It is quick and easy.

After this, I use a concealer pencil from Mac, the Studio Chromagraphic in NC15/NW20 in the waterline to get rid of those red colours that can make you look incredibly tired, and give the brows a nice colour with Benefit Goof Proof pencil in #2. The key is not to go overboard and stay natural.

My next step is my favourite: give the cheeks a glow. Again, I am using my all-time favourite products here.

Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge lip and cheek pot in Powder Pink mixed with Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl is a perfect combination to achieve that naturally flushed effect. I apply it with my fingers making sure there are no edges visible. I usually finish it off by patting a bit of Eight Hour Cream over the high points of the cheeks for an extra glow.

The final step is lips. I would probably just finish the whole look off with a tinted lip balm like this Clarins one below, but I’ve found myself using lipsticks more this year. My chosen one for this look is the gorgeous Spanish Pink from Tom Ford. This is a perfect colour to go for whenever you want to feel comfortable yet sophisticated.

That completes my everyday routine, here is the before and after next to my window with natural light:

I prefer the one on the right 🙂  

I hope you enjoyed it, see you next time!



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