Caroline Hirons for Pixi Double Cleanse – first impressions

(originally posted 27/01/2017)

This week is all about an exciting new launch. If you are a regular in beauty blogging circles I don’t have to introduce you to Caroline Hirons. The third generation beauty guru has been blogging and Youtube-ing about skincare for years bringing her fresh, no-nonsense, fun approach to the general public, sharing her immense experience in the beauty industry. I’ve been an avid fan of hers since the beginning and I’ve learned more from her blog than any other one around. She is simply brilliant at what she does, her passion for everything beauty rubs off on you in an instant. Caroline’s work with Pixi Beauty is well known and well documented so needless to say when I heard about their collaboration I wasn’t surprised and I got extremely excited. If you’ve been following her work, again, no surprise her first launch is a cleanser.

Her method of double cleansing is what facialists have been using for a long time. Step 1:  use a balm or oil to dissolve makeup, SPF, all dirt, wash it off with warm water and a face cloth. Step 2: go in with a nourishing cream cleanser to make sure the skin is thoroughly clean (if you have the time you can insert a little face massage here) and wash it off with using the cloth again.

She’s been continuously talking about how important cleansing is since every skin care product performs better on a properly cleansed skin.  You don’t even doubt for a minute that that’s what you should do. Caroline’s over 20 years experience in the industry makes you believe in it straight away. Ever since I adopted this routine many years ago I can’t even imagine my life without a proper cleanse at the end of the day. 

Caroline’s Double Cleanse cleansing duo is the ultimate cleansing experience. You get two formulations in a big tub: a solid balm and a cream cleanser packed full of vitamins, peptides and other beneficial ingredients. It is very handy to have the two in one place, you almost feel obliged to use both and not be lazy about cleansing. The solid balm is a heavy duty makeup/SPF remover that turns into a rich oil upon contact with the skin, the cream cleanser is a nourishing, luxurious second step for a thorough cleanse. Good news for the sensitive/problem skin types, there is no fragrance, no mineral oil, parabens or shea butter in it, they have been replaced with camelia oil and evening primrose oil.  The carefully selected ingredients make sure that this beauty works for most skin types, even the oily ones that usually have problems with cream type cleansers. Double Cleanse has a lot of positive qualities that make you want to try it, oh, and it is cruelty-free too! Good stuff!

I’ve only been using this cleansing duo for a few days, but I instantly feel that this will become a staple in my beauty stash. I love it and I’m already hooked on it. It is very pleasant and easy to use, my skin feels clean, nourished and comfortable after using it like never before.  My favourite of the two is the heavy duty the balm cleanser.  The solid oil melts makeup within seconds, it takes no effort to remove everything with my cloth. 

Solid Cleansing Oil
Cleansing Cream

The only teeny critique I would have is that probably you would use one of the two formulations quicker than the other, so re-purchase might be difficult to time but I will see how I get on with it and how long they last. (EDIT: 17/11/2017: I pretty much finished the two sides at the same time so no problems here)

What I most love about the Double Cleanse is that there are no gimmicks about it, there’s nothing fancy about it, it doesn’t promise miracles and doesn’t want to be anything else than what it is: a really decent and effective cleanser. You rarely get that in beauty these days.


Double Cleanse is £24.00 at Pixi Beauty UK, not the cheapest in the world, but a little goes a long way and it’s absolutely worth it.


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