My top 5 favourite things about Christmas

(originally posted 23/12/2016)

Christmas is by far my favourite time of the year. I’m still looking forward to it with  excitement every year because somehow this is the time when I can really switch off and relax. I’m not really in it for the presents, but for the very precious downtime.

I’m a bit ‘hygge’ when it comes to Christmas. My philosophy is taking solace in the small pleasures of life,  getting rid of everything stressful, overwhelming, de-clutter my thoughts, getting ready to start the new year with fresh energy and aspiring for contentment. I appreciate even the smallest things and take pleasure in seemingly mundane things like making tea, baking, curling up on the sofa watching movies, reading, going for a beach walk.  Christmas for me is all about warmth, comfort and quiet reflection.

I love many aspects of the holidays but here are the five things I enjoy most about it.

1. Christmas Decoration

I recycle Chrismas decoration, keep them from one year to the other, maybe add a few bits here and there. Our tree is usually warm, decorated with colourful, old-school, rustic trinkets just like it has always been the tradition in my family.

I love how most of our decorations have sentimental value and evoke memories. I wouldn’t have the heart to get rid of them after Christmas, even if we might experiment with new themes later on.

Recently I got to like more cool colours so we might try a white, silver and blue, more minimalist theme next year.

2. Lights and candles – fairy lights 

To me, Christmas revolves around warmth and comfort. This is exactly what I get from all the lights and candles. They are often used in religious rituals and as tools of meditation, for me, they are closely connected to switching off, resting and cleansing the mind at Christmas time, a therapy that I always need at the end of the year and it always works.

I usually like to keep my candles white, with the occasional colour. Just out of curiosity I started to look into the meaning of candles and apparently their colours have meanings too: white for spiritual blessings, purity, healing, rest, peace, truth, destruction of negative energy and metallic gold for fortune, luck, prosperity, success. I wish I could say I picked the colours because of their meaning, but no, this is just a random selection and some were gifts. At the end of the day I’m pleased with my colour theme, now that I know the meaning of them 😉 This year I love Baies from Diptique, not really a Christmas scent, but so clean and relaxing. My other favourite has got to be Winter from The White Company which is a very typical spicy Christmas scent.

3. Scented oils

Burning scented oils have a similar therapeutic effect on me as candles. A nice Christmas blend can easily get me into holiday moood! This one from The White Company has got to be the winner, the mix of orange, clove and cinnamon lifts my mood and think Christmas straight away!

4. More time for beauty

Around Christmas time I usually go on a beauty spree.  I slow down and take time to do my little home treatments – take long baths, use all the masks I have, do proper face massages with my oils, not forgetting about body brushing, exfoliating and using body oils too. These little rituals have an incredibly calming effect on me, not to talk about the much-needed boost my skin needs mid-winter.

5. Family, loved ones

Last but not least, more quality time with family and loved ones. It’s been a good year when I think about my personal relationships. My sister, my niece, Mr jsmakeupartist has been a great support and we are growing together. Though I have my family scattered in Europe we still managed to keep it together. There will be long Skype sessions on Christmas Eve while having drinks and talk about who cooked what and what everyone got under the tree.  I am hopeful that despite all the challenges we face, next year will be even better for us.

Merry Christmas, Dear Readers!


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