Random Highstreet Haul pt2

(originally posted 05/12/2016)

Here is part 2 of my random little highstreet haul as promised. There are two concealers I’ve been meaning to try for ages and never got round to do it, there is one favourite re-purchase and a bit of fun.

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer

I’ve never tried this but heard a lot of good things about it so I was curious. I have to say I am impressed by this one: it has such a nice texture, a good medium coverage and it dries matte. The light liquid is easy to work with, the sponge applicator helps and it stays on really well.


Even the packaging could do well among high-end products. No wonder it has so many fans. I would probably stay away from it if I had really dry skin, the matte finish might not do any favours in that case, but otherwise, this is a really good buy for only £5.50. I tried using it around my eyes and on some blemishes, it worked well for both. My only critique would be is that they don’t have a wide enough colour range at least not in the UK. That needs to change. I’ve chosen the shade CW06, which is slightly on the dark side for me, but works well under my eyes and that’s where I most need it.

The NYX HD concealer is fragrance-free and a great dupe for Urban Decay Weightless concealer.

Available here.

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate wear concealer

This is another well-known budget option for a liquid concealer. Why have I never got round to try this? I don’t know. I find it equally as good as the NYX one, slightly less drying perhaps, which makes it even more comfortable to wear. It gives a good medium coverage, works well around the eyes and on blemishes, lasts on the skin really well especially if you powder it.

I’m not sure I agree with the 16 hours wear claim though, rarely any makeup will last that long. It lasted more around 6 hrs and then I had to re-touch, but that’s not bad at all and I don’t mind doing it. I got the shade 03 Warm Medium, but just like NYX, this brand doesn’t have enough shade choice either. Hopefully, this will change over time.

This is a good dupe for Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. 

Available here.

Essie Nail Laquer Vanity Fairest

I’ve been a long-term fan of Essie nail polishes, I think this is still the best brand out there when you look at quality, colour range and price. There is one colour I keep going back to and that is Vanity Fairest. It is the perfect everyday colour for me since usually, I try to steer clear of brighter ones. Since I am clumsy with the old school thin brushes, I love that Essie uses wider ones, so this makes the application really quick and easy. I am not the one who wants to spend hours on a manicure, so this definitely works for me. One coat of this sheer, soft pink colour over a base, finished off with the Gel Effect Top Coat is enough for a nice, clean finish.

Available here for £7.99.

Vaseline Lulu Guinness limited edition

Well, what can I say, it’s Vaseline. The Lulu Guinness limited edition packaging is however way too adorable to resist. This was one of those unnecessary impulse buys but I won’t apologise for it because it’s just nice to look at and it’s a fun thing to have on the dressing table or in handbags. That’s all that it is. I probably have 10 better ideas for great lip balms, but for now I will stick with this…yes, because of the packaging. I’m a tad bit shallow that way. 😉

Available here.

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