Random highstreet haul pt1

I love to have a good look at all high street make-up from time to time and try to find budget options for everyday or professional use. I planned this to be a mini haul and turned out to be massive so I will split it into two posts, 4 products each. Starting out with lip colours.

I have a slight obsession these days with finding new lip shades no matter if I have about 10 lipsticks on the go already in my personal daily makeup kit and a few more in my handbag just for good measure. I’m not sure what it is, probably I’m craving vibrance now that winter has well and truly settled in with all it’s desaturated colours.

Let’s get started, here is what I bought:

NYX Professional Makeup – Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Cherry Skies

Now, this colour I’ve coveted for a while. The Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks are one of the best on the high street and they are well loved by the beauty industry and the general public alike. NYX’s strength lies in giving the best attainable quality for a low price so no wonder they are so popular even among professionals. I remember the long queues at their counter at IMATS London, I had to give up waiting in line, it was insane!

Okay, let’s get down to the facts. 

Shade, texture: the range is wide from the wearable to the more unusual blues and blacks. My chosen color is Cherry Skies, a rich, deep, wintery red, its colour payoff is fantastic, the texture is light, but not runny.

Packaging: it looks good, the tube is slightly on the large side for the amount of product that’s in it, the shape of the sponge applicator allows quite a precise application.

Wear: it lasts on the lips a long time, though as almost all liquid lipsticks, has a tendency to dry a little as the day goes on. I would top it up with a bit of lip balm from time to time.

Value: you get 4 ml of product for £6.50, it is great value for money and very good quality.

Available here.

Mac Cosmetics – Creamsheen lipstick, Nippon


Shade, texture: it’s no news that the Mac lipsticks come in an incredible variety of colours. There is no way that even the fussiest of people couldn’t choose a suitable one. Nippon is a very pretty Asian inspired shade, a soft coral pink that gives a decent colour payoff and goes well with a fresh look or a smokey eye. It is part of the cremesheen range and the formula is infused with a moisturizing serum so it is incredibly easy to work with and comfortable to wear.

Packaging: the usual black bullet, nothing fancy.

Wear: it lasts well, but as with any moisturizing lipsticks you need to top it up from time to time, but I personally don’t mind that

Value: it is available for £15.50 so I would class it as mid-range, still not an outrageous price for a good quality lipstick, it is worth the investment.

Available here.

Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Paint – Fight Me Fuchsia

I picked up this because they reminded me of the Mac Lipmix and just because it looked fun.


Shade, texture: the colour range of the lip paints is not too impressive, it comes only in five shades. The one that spoke to me the most was 120 Fight Me Fuchsia and this shade is no joke! It’s the most vivid, bright, neon fuschia pink, with a huge colour payoff. I was slightly in shock when I put it on, I didn’t expect it to be that bright. I don’t think this is a colour for me for every day but gosh, it is so much fun! Next time I might pick up one of the more muted colours because the texture is so nice, rich and creamy, it’s worth it.

Packaging: I love it! It’s a small tube, you can fit it in the smallest of makeup bags, it is very practical. The tube has a sponge applicator that makes it very quick and easy to apply.

Wear: it lasted for long hours on me because of the colour payoff, it was very comfortable to wear, not drying at all.

Value: you get 4ml of product for £4.99, I think this is an excellent value for money, I wish there were more colours though.

Available here.

Collection – Velvet Kiss Moisturizing Lip Cream, Mulberry

This is the cheapest pick out of the lot. Collection, as so many other brands, are trying to cater for the demands of the liquid lipstick trend. This reminds me of the Cream Puff Lip Creams they used to do and I liked them a lot.


Shade, texture: not a wide range of colours here, unfortunately, only 6 shades. My pick is Mulberry 5, a rich plumy red. The colour payoff is incredibly good, though it took a while to learn to work with it to make it nice and even. It is a very light texture, and comfortable enough to wear for a short while.

Packaging: simple, nothing fancy, but wouldn’t expect more for the price. It is small, practical, the sponge applicator is decent.

Wear: not the greatest, I found myself re-touching this several times because it is drying out a little too quickly but as I said I don’t really mind that especially for that price.

Value: You get 5ml of product for £2.99 (!), so don’t be fooled by the small size, this has more product in it than the NYX one which looks bigger.  I only had a slight problem with it drying out a bit quick, but all in all, it is good value for money.

Available here.

Part two of this haul is coming up in two days on Monday, see you all then!

(originally published 02/12/2016)

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