New in: Mac Liptensity Lipstick REVIEW

(originally published 30/09/2016)

Finally, yesterday Mac released the long-awaited Liptensity Lipstick range. I love a good back story when it comes to cosmetics ranges and this one is quite something: the cosmetic giant collaborated with a tetrachromat called Maureen Seaberg, an artist, who has a rare vision condition the allows her to see a multitude of colours, 100 times more than a regular person.
The result is a range of 24  vibrant new shades from the lightest pink to dark blue, even black. This range is part of a new generation of lipstick formulation within the Mac portfolio. Long are the days gone of choosing either a lipstick that is ‘moisturizing but disappears quickly’  or ‘matte, stays on, but is drying’. The Liptensity Lipsticks are soft, creamy in texture, comfortable to wear, super pigmented, rich, vibrant in colour AND long-lasting. Who wouldn’t be pleased with that?

The packaging looks great too: it is sleek, the matte metal lids look elegant (slightly heavier than the plastic ones) and they are signifying the colour that’s in the bullet. The colour coded lipstick packaging is new to Mac, but it works really well.

I picked four colours of the range: Smoked Almond (a rosy nude – perfect everyday colour), Dionysus (a brownie red, very autumn), Claretcast (deep magenta) and Blue Beat (‘Cause who doesn’t need a blue lipstick, right?)

From top to bottom: Claretcast, Smoked Almond, Dionysus, Blue Beat

I have instantly put Smoked Almond and Claretcast into my daily makeup bag, I love to wear them so much and I will definitely add some more to my collection. Which ones will you get?

Mac Liptensity Lipsticks are available for £17.50 here


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