Christmas with Lush

(originally posted 16/12/2016)


You can’t have Christmas and not mention Lush. They produce one of the most fun, festive selection of products. This year is no exception. Some fan favourites returned, there are new arrivals too as usual. I picked up a few and already allocated them to certain days I’m going to use them. While I’m normally not shopping in Lush, I really enjoy having a good look around there at this time of the year and pick up a few bath bombs. There’s nothing I like more at Christmas and New Year than switch off, relax. Along watching Christmas cooking shows, Christmas movies and Planet Earth,  I take long baths almost every day.

I’m not too keen on sweetness, so my selection is more about sharp and fresh scents.

Magic of the stars

There’s nothing more perfect for Christmas Eve than the Magic of the Stars bubble bar.  This stunning-looking wand is the most Christmasy out of the lot. It looks so attractive I just wanted to take hundreds of pictures of it.  You just have to hold it under running water, stir and your festive bath is ready.  Apart from being pleasing to the eye, this has got to be my favourite scent too. It’s spicy and sharp with hints of Cinnamon, Clove and Sweet Orange. It feels warm and comforting, what more would you want at Christmas time?

This bubble bar is such a pretty thing with a bow, it is a perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa. I hope it will return next year.

Shoot for the Stars

Who doesn’t love a blue bath with gold shimmer through it? I absolutely do! A definite contender for Chrismas Day evening, Shoot for the Stars is a refreshing, moisturizing, de-stressing bath bomb with Brazilian Orange, Bergamot, Cocoa Butter and Almond oil. If you don’t shower off the glitter, standing close to the Christmas lights, your skin will be positively glowing from the sparkle of the little gold stars for sure.  I don’t think I’m ready for that, so a quick shower after the bath it is!

I would probably use only half of it, sometimes I feel these bath bombs are too large for one use. Shoot for the Stars is perfect for winding down after the hectic Christmas preparations. It is quite messy though, so prepare for a good tub cleanse after using it.

Snow Angel

Snow Angel is a bath melt that turns into a silky, sparkly foam that looks like snow. This is my Boxing Day pick to calm the senses and relax after having one too many Christmas drinkies. The soft powdery smell of rose and gardenia is very comforting and the cocoa butter keeps the skin moisturized.  I will probably have to take a shower after using this one too, to get rid of the glitter, but I don’t mind that at all.  It is way too much fun to care!

Northern Lights

This eye-catching beauty is my pick for New Year’s Eve. The multi-coloured, fun bath will lift my mood and help me to get ready for a night of partying. The mix of blues, yellows, and purples fizzing away in the bath are a definite boost for the senses and the light floral scent of Jasmin is lovely. 

I will use only half of it, otherwise, the scent will get too heady and this is probably not for a long bath, because after the colours merge they turn into a not so attractive colour. The spectacular opening makes it worth for me though.

Star Dust

If you ever need an uplift, go with this one. I’m going to keep this for  New Year’s Day I think, it has such a lovely fresh, clean smell, it will work with New Year’s Day’s grogginess. The mix of rosewood, vanilla and bergamot works well, it is not too overwhelming.

It has tiny blue particles and some shimmer too and turns the bath into a lovely milky colour. Star Dust is the least messy of the lot.


All available at Lush UK

Note: these products might contain SLS and fragrance so if you’re concerned about those, check the ingredient list.


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