The Body Shop – Pinita Colada

(originally published 18/08/2016)

I am a tad bit late with this, I know, but I couldn’t resist anymore and got the shower gel and the body butter from The Body Shop’s Pinita Colada range. I am a big fan of The Body Shop ever since my sister bought me a bottle of White Musk in the ’90s. Back then in Hungary that was a huge deal. The Body Shop is a big part of the collective beauty consciousness in the UK, and it seems everyone has a nostalgic story about the brand.  The soaps, the shower gels and body butters have always had a constant presence in my bathroom too ever since I moved to the UK. The Body Shop Pinita Colada (note it’s Pinita, not Pina, so no rum involved ;)) range launched at the beginning of the summer. Bloggers everywhere went crazy for it. It took a bit of time, but finally, I gave in to the catchy positive publicity.

First things first, I have to admit, the scent makes me smile every single time I open the bottle or the pot and I’m not the only one. I cannot believe how much this smells like a good Pina Colada cocktail.  Every sniff of the products sends a tiny whiff of summer holiday happiness (preferably at to the Caribbean) to your brain. It’s all about the coconut, and the pineapple, it is fresh, fruity, tropical, delicious. This range has quickly become a coveted item for this summer and I am not surprised. It looks fun and IS fun to use. The fragrance is quite strong, so if you don’t want it to interfere with your perfume, use them in the evening. The textures are great, silky, smooth. The body butter is a bit on the sticky side for me, but I can easily overlook that tiny detail because it smells so good.

Please note: the shower gel is soap free, but contains Sodium Laureth Sulphate, actually, that is the second ingredient, so if you are concerned about chemical foaming agents, this one is not for you.

The whole Pinita Colada range is available here

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