The Alex Box of Cards

(originally published 12/08/2016)

Alex Box is a make-up artist whose work I’ve admired for a long time. She really does put the artist into ‘make-up artist’. She is most known for her unconventional style that most people got to see during her time being the creative director of Illamasqua. She is an artist who never stops looking for challenges, creative renewal. She is an unstoppable force of energy that is nothing but inspiring to me.


I saw her performing at IMATS in London this year and it was so much fun to watch her work. ‘I am you’ said her oversized t-shirt, sending a message to artists out there that we are made of the same mould. She is a make-up artist’s make-up artist.   And the best thing about her, apart from being incredibly down to earth? She’s not taking herself seriously and not afraid to have fun. 

When she announced at IMATS that she will do a project called ‘The Alex Box of Cards‘, I thought, this is just what I need: a bit of creative boost, a source of inspiration for my work. And what could be better than getting it from one of your favourite artists?

The Alex Box of Cards is a little black box, made by an artisan box maker, filled with 50 cards of handwritten notes, ‘a collection of creative touchstones’ as she calls them.  That is 50 ways to get inspired, 50 times unlocking new ideas when you’re stuck, 50 times approaching certain projects in a different way, 50 ways of seeing things from a new perspective,50 valuable fragments of ideas that you can start an artistic journey from, 50 breaths of fresh air when you need energy, 50 nudges out the door when you feel insecure, 50 encouragements when you feel you’re just not good enough…or maybe just  50 ways to have fun with makeup…the possibilities  are endless.  All you need to do is pull one card out of the pack and off you go to uncharted territories of your creative mind.  ‘I want to help people in those moments where they need inspiration or change of direction or even just encouragement from a friendly voice’ says Box and this is exactly what it does.

These cards are definitely an exciting addition to my life as a make-up artist. I have only seen one card, I want to keep the rest a surprise each time I pick one. My first one is:

Hm…where will this one take me I wonder?

If you are interested, you can pre-order the second edition of the Box here, but be prepared that it will take about 4-5 weeks for it to arrive because the box and cards are all handmade, so it takes a bit of time to create them.

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