Going Zoella crazy

(originally published 02/09/2016)

Zoella is one of the huge vlogger/blogger sensations who quickly became one of the most popular YouTubers. She has millions of followers worldwide and is a prominent social media influencer/businesswoman. She’s seen the opportunity that lies within making videos on Youtube and she used it well. Her beauty range has become an instant sell-out and a twitter sensation…and I just bought into the hype. Why? The answer is very simple: the selfish reason of wanting to please my niece.

It’s a rare treat when my niece is around, so I was really happy when I got to see her this week. Especially that she got to an age where she and I can spend some quality time together and bond over many things: her mum, the weather, the beach, seagulls,  drawing, walking and yes…wandering around Superdrug and look at all the treasures they sell. I told her she can have a choice of 3 products and we will review them together online. Goodness knows if she understood what a ‘review’ was or ‘online’ for that matter, but it didn’t matter. The proud auntie that I am was chuffed seeing her enthusiasm. She instantly gravitated towards the pinks, the fluffy, the fun.

I spotted Zoella’s range first and that fun little cosmetics bag…you can put trinkets in it…good. It’s easy to clean…good. It’s pink…even better! Lily has done the rest – she chose the Kissy Missy Lip Balm and the Foam, Sweet Foam Shower Gel. What more a 5-year-old can wish for when it comes to cosmetics? They look adequately girly and pink with a vintage feel, they have a sweet, but not too overwhelming scent, they are (okay, this is for the mum)reasonably priced  and they are just pure fun. 


The whole range is what it is and doesn’t want to be more. I like that. And this is pretty much what there is to say about it. 

We had fun with them and that’s all that matters.

You can get Zoella’s range here

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