Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup review

(originally published 16/09/2016)

First things first, I do have to apologise for my absence on Instagram but I had a bit of a ‘faux pas’ with my beloved HTC. In a not so rare ‘doing 10 things at one time’ moment I stupidly/accidentally deleted all my pictures and videos from my phone, so I had to leave it in a shop for data recovery. However, instead of lamenting over the surreal feeling of not having my phone with me 24/7, and having lost every image I planned on posting for the next 3-4 days, I luckily saved a pic of the Estee Lauder Nude Cushion Stick Foundation on my computer, so at least I can go ahead with my weekly post here.

Estee Lauder foundations have always been in my top 5 of best foundations, and when they came out with the Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup (Gosh, isn’t that a mouthful?) I couldn’t wait to try it.  They didn’t disappoint this time around either.

The packaging itself looks elegant, clean, sophisticated, easy to carry around in handbags. It has a sponge head and the product itself is dispersed through a small hole when twisting the bottom of the container to the sponge ready to be applied. How clever! Little goes a long way, you can add more by twisting just a tiny bit of the foundation to the sponge. Now, you and I would think:  ‘Hm…a sponge head? But wouldn’t that go  incredibly dirty and full of bacteria very quickly?’ Not this one! You can unscrew the head and give it a good clean whenever you feel like it! I almost feel I need to give a good hug to the person who came up with the idea!

The texture and finish of the foundation are divine! The oil-free formula glides on like a dream, has a decent medium, buildable coverage and a satin to slightly glowy finish. I’d say this is a great formulation for normal/combination, dry, maybe slightly oily skin types, but probably it is not for you if you are super oily (you can always opt for the classic Double Wear formulation, which is equally great but has longer wear and a matte finish).

Key facts about the Cushion Stick: the formulation contains a so-called  SkinSync Complex, which is a  blend of highly emollient lipids and butters (like Brazilian Muru-Muru butter and Linoleic Acid that melt on contact with skin creating a natural look and a comfortable, soft feel), a Quench Complex – Sodium Hyaluronate and naturally derived plant and fruit extracts to help skin attract and hold on to moisture for a long period of time, Glow Enhancing Optics – a luxurious mineral that includes Gold and South Sea Pearl that helps to give the skin an energized, radiant look, and finally a hint of Jasmine and Rose to give the foundation a fresh, clean scent. All this sounds fabulous and I have to say, it feels as delicious and luxurious as it sounds.

I’ve been testing this for a while and works really well on my combination skin. It seems, it has the durability of the classic Double Wear and stays on steadily during long working days. It is very easy to touch up your makeup with it and I felt I’m less inclined to powder it down during the day than usual, which is great news for me. This is certainly a foundation for the modern woman on the go and I am an absolute convert already!

Double Wear Cushion Stick Radiance Makeup is available in wide range of  20 shades here.

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