Benefit brow range re-launch

(originally published 12/08/2016)

It was hard not to notice one of the biggest launches recently from Benefit: they revamped their whole brow range and gosh, they did a cracking job. I’ve never been a Benefit girl myself, but this I find impressive. The high street is not exactly packed with a great selection of brow products so this range is definitely a welcome addition.  Here are my favourites from the collection:

Gimme Brow (shade 2) 

This is a long-wear coloured brow gel with a tiny brush applicator. The texture and shade are great, it goes on like a dream and the brush is very comfortable to use. It is best if you don’t need much work on your brows, just a tad bit of grooming. I wish I could get away using only this but my brows are too short and uneven in shape so I always need a bit of a pencil work too just to make them look a bit more finished.

Goof Proof Pencil (shade 2)
I definitely need this to elongate, work on the shape and fill in my brows. Again, the texture and shade are great (quite ashy, not warm), you can brush it through with a spoolie for a natural effect. I am pleased to say it stayed on really well too so it is a definite keeper.

Ready, Set, Brow
If you need to keep your brows in place, this is a nice, strong get formula to use. It has a novel dual-sided spiky brush that helps to achieve a nice groomed effect.


All in all, well done, Benefit!
The full range available here.

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